OWC debuts the high-performance VPG200-certified Atlas Pro CFexpress 4.0 Type A memory cards, in 480 GB and 960 GB capacities. These are designed to address the performance demands of video and photography professionals who shoot with Sony Alpha, FX, and FR7 cameras.

Capture with Professional Grade Performance

With real-world 1850 MB/s read and 1700 MB/s write speeds and VPG200 certification to work with all Sony camera settings, these Atlas Pro CFexpress 4.0 Type A cards are perfect for the professional filmmaker or extreme action photographer. These new Type A cards are designed for creators who want to benefit from the maximum performance their Sony cameras can offer such as 8K video, Pro-slow motion (up to 240 fps) or Pro-high resolution burst RAW photography. Consistent performance allows these cards to flawlessly capture high-volume, high-bitrate shots without a moment of delay.

Timesaving and Quality Assured

The new Atlas Pro CFexpress 4.0 Type A cards are tested under the most aggressive camera settings to ensure delivery of the highest reliability and performance so professionals can securely store and access irreplaceable content. Using CFexpress 4.0 technology, these Atlas Pro Type A cards can reduce ingestion time by 2x or more compared to CFexpress 2.0 cards and by 6x or more vs SD cards. With the included Type A-to-Type B adapter, the best performance from these cards can be realized with Atlas USB4 CFexpress 4.0 Type B readers.

A Complete Ecosystem for Creators

Other World Computing has built the most comprehensive assortment of hardware and software solutions to support the creative process from Capture to Completion™. The OWC Atlas ecosystem is the first step of the process to ensure photographers and videographers have the tools they need to get their vision from camera to audience.

“With the CFA 4.0 specifications, industry-leading VPG200 certification, along with the rigorous testing and manufacturing standards of OWC, these Atlas CFexpress Type A memory cards will unlock access to the highest quality capture settings enabling SONY shooters to reap the benefits of high-speed and reliability,” said Larry O’Connor, Other World Computing Founder, and CEO. “These cards also benefit from the capability to be upgraded and monitored with our Innergize software, which provides the peace of mind that one’s vision will be captured reliably.”

Other World Computing’s Innergize™ software is integral to the ecosystem built for OWC Atlas memory cards and readers. Innergize checks the health of an Atlas card to ensure it is reliable to use and then cleans and restores performance to ensure there are zero dropped frames when shooting video or continuous burst photos. Atlas owners can then upgrade their firmware in the field to take advantage of the latest card improvements and ensure OWC cards and readers will perform optimally with their cameras.

Pricing & Availability

The Atlas Pro CFexpress 4.0 Type A cards are now available for pre-order and will ship in May on Macsales.com at $319.99 for 480 GB and $519.99 for 960 GB. USB4 Atlas CFexpress 4.0 Type B readers are also available at a starting price of $79.99 on Macsales.com.

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