Every newbie faces difficulty getting their aim right, and if you are one of them, this article is just for you. No pro player has made it to the top without practicing aiming in training rounds.

If you happen to be one of those players who just got into first-person shooter games, then here is how you will be able to improve your game sense.

There are several aim trainers available all over the internet to help players with fps skills. The basic level involves practicing aim training and strictly committing yourself to those training routines.

Here in this article, we will tell you about the best scenarios for fps that can uplift your gameplay! So, make sure you read to the end.

Aim Training Scenarios for First-Person Shooters

Now that you are all set for some aim training let us get started.

Before you start, you should be aware of the different aspects of training for fps. You need to practice with dedication to witness drastic improvements.

An aim trainer will provide you with fps game fundamentals and alter your aiming style. You can play the fps aim training game on aim trainer to boost your skills.

When it comes to fps aim training, there are several aspects that you need to master. The more time you spend training, the more you will be able to focus on the skills and drills. Practice is the key!

Our Suggested Training Routines

Aim Lab

Aim Lab is one of the finest aim training applications available on Steam. Aim Lab’s training scenarios are free to play.

play fps aim training scenarios 3

If you love playing competitively or if you are into fps games like Apex Legends or Valorant, then Aim Lab will be a pretty reliable aim trainer for you.

Aim Lab is an aim training application that helps build muscle memory by training the gamers with the fundamentals of fps games, such as tracking targets, aiming, and mouse control. It also advances your reaction time and helps you maintain your click timing to be accurate!

After you have learned fundamental fps skills, you can try Aim Lab’s extensive workout routines and courses to advanced skills such as vertical tracking, hitting moving targets, and tricks shots such as flick shots.

Also, you can use Aim Lab’s challenge mode; this will help you track your performance and identify your strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, it can help you find your best in-game sensitivity.

In a battle royale game like the Apex Legends, you need to stay focused and be quick with your movements. For this game, speed, tracking aim, and proper mouse control get you going!

  • Voltaic’s Fundamental Aim Lab Routines
  • AimLab’s Official Beginners Guide
  • Voltaic’s Game-Specific Aim Lab Routines

Kovaaks 2.0

There are plentiful aim trainers available on Steam, but there is something about this Kovaak’s fps aim trainer. Kovaak’s tracking scenarios are the thing that makes the application so special.

play fps aim training scenarios 2

Yes, Kovaak’s has the necessary resources that surpass just the skill of aiming, tracking, etc. It features resources that can uplift one’s overall aiming skills and solve issues with aiming as it gets a player to try out new sensitivity levels.

Kovaak’s fps aim trainer helps you gain more control over your movements. It helps you learn to move the target and gives you the ability to anticipate your enemies’ moves, together with tracking and aiming accuracy.

Yes, Kovaak’s scenarios are one of a kind that provides you with a good game sense. And playing Kovaak’s scenarios will help track the progress you have made so far!

  • Voltaic’s Fundamental Kovaak’s Routine
  • Voltaic’s Issue Specific Aim Training Routines
  • Tammas Improved Aimer7 Guide
  • Aimer7’s Strafe Aiming 101 Guide
  • Voltaic’s Game-Specific Kovaak’s Routines


Here are the most recommended training scenarios that are a must for every player.

  • Voltaic’s Aim Training Starter Guide (available on both Kovaaks and Aim Lab)
  • Aimer7’s Aim Training Guide (for Kovaaks Only)

Creating Aim Training Routine

If you wish to create your very own aim training routine, you need to complete the fundamentals first, which will take roughly three long months.

play fps aim training scenarios 1

After you have learned the very fundamentals, you can move towards making custom aim training routines and practice aim training all you want.

The custom aim training routines should focus on your weaknesses; you should make an effort to make progress. You can do this or use Voltaic’s issue-specific Kovaak routine.

The greatest benefit of using aim training is that aim trainers give you the ability to track your enemies accurately and master the art of click timing.

Once you get the mastery over the ability to keep the crosshair over your enemies, you become the deadliest aimer of your squad. Aiming training brings improvement over your accuracy, improves micro-corrections, and if you practice aim training one hour before you enter a match, you will be unstoppable.


So, does aiming help? Yes, it does.

Aim trainer will help you improve your shooting skills only if you are determined and consistent. An aim trainer’s workout routine can help a player develop and make progress in his gaming career, and the skills learned in training routines help a lot in a battle royale.

But, it is also worth noting that an aim trainer will not develop all fps skills but certainly help you advance the fundamentals such as mouse control, hand-eye coordination, and strafe aiming.

It will help you develop a game sense but not help you with in-game decision-making or positioning. These things are totally on you!

Otherwise, aim trainers are all good! So, if you are planning to push ranks, get your aim trainer today!

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