Plextor, a global leading brand of high-performance digital storage devices, proudly announced its recent successful showcase of leading SSD products in suite 1143 of the Grand Hyatt Taipei during Computex 2016. Plextor presented its new generation of consumer and industrial grade solid state drive (SSD) products; including the highly anticipated M8Pe series for professional gamers and the unique EX1 high-speed portable SSD.

The biggest highlight at Plextor’s booth was the M8Pe SSD for gamers and other type of high performance users. The latest M8Pe series is Plextor’s first product supporting the NVMe protocol. It inherits the ultra-fast performance of Plextor’s professional gaming SSDs featuring a unique heat sink design. Available in capacities of 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB, the M8Pe is a step up from M6e-BK, the previous generation of Plextor’s PCI Express SSD.

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Plextor also demonstrated live that its M8Pe was able to read up to 3,280 MB/s, and obtained a maximum write speed of 1,770MB/s write performance. M8Pe adopts the latest generation of PCIe Gen 3 x 4 high-speed interface, capable of achieving unbelievable read/write transmission speeds.

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Another eye-catching item at Plextor’s booth was their EX1 high-speed portable SSD. Available in capacities ranging from 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB, the EX1 utilizes the latest USB Type-C port, which boasts high transfer speeds when in use. It is capable of reaching a speed of 500 MB per second and above, which significantly exceeds that of traditional USB slots.

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Plextor thanks everyone for making this year’s COMPUTEX 2016 another success for the brand. Both of M8Pe PCIe SSD and EX1 external SSD will be coming soon in the coming months.

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