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Plextor just announced the compatibility of their 3 SSD enhancing softwares to the M6 Series SSDs. These softwares has been around since July last year, and due to overwhelming response, the storage company made sure that the said softwares are now fully compatible with the M6 Series of storage drives. The entire M6 Series SSDs are not just made out of 2.5″ drives. The M6 Series also features M.2, mSATA, external drives, and even PCI-E slot based SSDs such as the M6e models.


The PlexTurbo, PlexCompressor and PlexVault are the exclusive Plextor softwares that we are talking about, with the PlexTurbo being the major software from the lineup. The PlexTurbo, as the name would suggest, is capable of enhancing your SSD’s performance and endurance by enabling your DRAM to act as an extra cache of the SSD. In turn, you’ll get better transfer speeds and thus, enhancing endurance of the NAND.

Plextor-Plexturbo-PlexCompressor-PlexVault-PR-(5) Plextor-Plexturbo-PlexCompressor-PlexVault-PR-(1)

Next up would be the PlexCompressor, which enhances the drive’s capacity by compressing the drive’s contents. Plextor does it to low usage files so you shouldn’t be worried about your commonly used programs being compressed. This application will run on the background to compress those less used files without hurting your PC’s performance according to Plextor.

Plextor-Plexturbo-PlexCompressor-PlexVault-PR-(2) Plextor-Plexturbo-PlexCompressor-PlexVault-PR-(3)

The last of the trio would be the PlexVault which is essentially a software based encryption tool that enables you to assign a personal volume with a passcode. This is great for stashing private files such as your “science” project. All these 3 useful softwares are compatible with Plextor’s M6 Series SSDs, and Plextor encourages users of such series to download and try them. Afterall, they are for free. Get them all here:

Plextor-Plexturbo-PlexCompressor-PlexVault-PR-(6) Plextor-Plexturbo-PlexCompressor-PlexVault-PR-(7)

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