PowerColor, one of the leading manufacturers of AMD based graphics cards, recently announced their very own ultimate edition of the HD6970, dubbed as the Devil13 HD6790. The card not only looks nice, but it’s also a performer, boasting default clock settings at 880Mhz(core speed), and 1375Mhz(memory speed). PowerColor also includes an OC Switch on this card, that boosts performance of up to 10% with just a push of a button. Overclocking is devilishly easy with this card.

The overclocking abilities of the card is backed-up with plethora of features that should keep it cool, efficient, and stable. Noteworthy features included in the card are the hefty 12 Phase Design,  Proadlizer, DirectFET, and Four 8mm heat-pipes backed-up w/ Two 92mm fans. Check the other components in the image below:


PowerColor never released anything about the pricing yet… but with features, and coolness that of a premium card, this will probably cost devilishly high. You can also check the Adobe Flash based presentation of the card, for a closer look, here: https://www.powercolor.com/event/Devil13/

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