Pro Gamers Group (PGG), a leading company in the PC and gaming hardware industry, showcased nearly all its ten member brands at Computex this year through its Pro Gamersware (PGW) branch.

By leveraging each brand’s strengths, PGG is creating a comprehensive ecosystem of products for gaming setups and workstations.

PGG, an international hub of industry veterans, has produced over one million high-end gaming PC systems. The group includes notable brands like Ducky, noblechairs, ThunderX3, AeroCool, Streamplify, Kolink, Endgame Gear, Nitro Concepts, APNX, GAMIAC, and the newly launched HAVN.

CEO Philipp Rossner emphasized the group’s commitment to innovation, stating, “This year, we are investing in creating new brands and developing innovative products to enhance the PC and gaming space. Pro Gamers Group aims to connect brands with the global gaming community, whether they are our own or our partners.”

Below are Pro Gamers Group’s Product Highlights at Computex:

HAVN: HS420 and HS420 VGPU

Debuting as PGG’s newest brand, HAVN’s HS 420 case features a Hybrid Structure for high GPU airflow in a dual chamber design, compatible with powerful fans and radiators.

Pro Gamers Group Returns to Computex 2024 2

Ducky: One X and One 3 Pro

Ducky, a top mechanical keyboard manufacturer, introduces the One X with inductive switch technology and the One 3 Pro with hot-swappable QUACK Mechanics, 8K polling rate, and enhanced RGB lighting.

ThunderX3: Flex Pro and Lab X

Known for gaming/office hybrid chairs, ThunderX3 presents the Flex Pro with customizable backrest plates and the LAB-X motorized desk with modular tabletop options.

Pro Gamers Group Returns to Computex 2024 3

Other Notable Mentions:

  • AeroCool APNX V1 panoramic PC case and OASIS L240 LCD AIO liquid cooler.
  • Noblechairs HERO DIGNITAS and DARTH MAUL special edition gaming chairs.
  • Nitro Concepts E-Racer sim racing rig.
  • Streamplify STREAMING DECK ONE and MIC PRO condenser microphone.
  • Endgame Gear EM-B gaming mousepad and XM2w 4K wireless gaming mouse.
  • Kolink Unity Arena and Observatory HF Glass and Mesh gaming PC cases.

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