IKEA Case Of the PC Industry Right Here

Aerocool just revealed their Dreambox PC chassis, with a unique DIY twist. The case, which should hit retail at around 150 USD – is far from the traditional box cases we used to see, emphasizing on the user’s imagination on how to build one.


The Dreambox has a lot of metal on it, with aluminum bars & pipes making up the most of the case. There’s also an IO box for USB and power / restart functionality – plus, a set of clamps and joints.


Aerocool’s contraption is not just limited to a PC case, as you could use it to build a headphone stand, key hanger, a lamp, a cup holder, and even a clothes hanger to name a few. Truly, imagination is just the limit. No words about APAC availability yet, but we sure do know that it will sate the appetite of various system builders out there.