2020 really has been the year that online gaming and eSports made a splash around the world, with new games developers, publishers and platforms popping up all over the place.

Such a healthy marketplace has meant lots of competition, which in turn has translated to great value for money for gaming customers.

Here are some of the ways you can go about unlocking that value.

Why Online Gaming Never Been So Cheap GP 1

With prices coming down like never before, more and more people are enjoying online games.

Gaming Companies Hungry for New Clients Drive Down Prices

It is no secret that the online gaming sector is going through a real boon period at the moment, with more and more people logging on to try their hand at a whole variety of games.

With so many people pouring into the market, the race is on for gaming developers and publishers to attract as many new customers as they can.

They do this in any number of ways, but one of the most common is to offer free bonuses and other incentives in the hope that players will enjoy their games and then stick around to play some more. To ascertain exactly which deals are the best for them, casino gamers can use a comparison site to sort through the bonuses that will work best for them. Use enough no-deposit bonuses and players may even find they can game away to their heart’s content for weeks on end without spending a penny of their own money.

Why Online Gaming Never Been So Cheap GP 2

Whether people play on PC, console or mobile, top games are becoming more affordable.

Playing on Mobile Keeps Things Cheap

There was a time when mobile gamers were looked down upon by their PC and console counterparts, but those days are well and truly gone, with some mobile accessories and games turning mobile devices into mean gaming machines.

By and large most mobile versions of the world’s best games also happen to be significantly cheaper than the versions for console and PC, meaning mobile players can partake in rounds of the most popular online battle royale games for a fraction of the cost.

Make the Most of Fledgling Cloud and Streaming Platforms

Gamers had to wait too long for their very own Netflix, but now there are some streaming and cloud gaming platforms that are beginning to cut the mustard.

Many such as the Steam, Shadow, GeForce Now and PlayStation Now all offer huge libraries of games for a set monthly fee. Most also entice new customers with mouth-watering introductory deals so that you practically game for free for the first couple of months.

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