The Iris Optical RGB is one of the latest gaming mouse this side of the year introduced by Tt eSports. On this review, we are going to check out what it offers – especially with the PMW-3325 inside.

Technical Specifications

As for the specifics, the Iris Optical RGB packs in not only a gaming grade sensor, but also an RGB feature on top of a classic looking design. The Iris Optical RGB is ergonomically shaped for right-handed users, with a 6 button design that should be enough for most gamers.

Tt eSports Iris Optical RGB Gaming Mouse
Size Medium
Shape Right-handed
Sensor Pixart PMW-3325
Buttons 6
Scroll Non-tilt
Processor 32-bit ARM
Profile Yes
Cable length 1.8m
Switches Huano
Weight 123g, Mouse only
Software Yes
Interface USB
Lighting RGB
Feet Teflon

The Iris Optical RGB features the Pixart PMW-3325. It has a maximum of 5000 DPI and a maximum speed of 100 IPS. As for reporting, the Pixart PMW-3325 is able to go as high as 2000Hz.

Pixart PMW-3325
Sensor Type Optical
Resolution 5000 DPI (Max)
Speed 100 IPS
Acceleration 20G
Polling Rate 2000Hz (Max)

Packaging and Accessories

The Tt eSports Iris Optical RGB comes in your typical Tt eSports packaging. There’s a flap to check out the mouse, and the bits of marketing information front and back to get you hyped.

Tt eSports Iris RGB Review (1)

The mouse comes with a quick start guide and a warranty policy. I kinda miss the stickers from their recent products but oh well, we gotta live with what we have.

Tt eSports Iris RGB Review (2)

Design, Build and Connectivity

The Iris Optical RGB is a medium sized gaming mouse with a right-handed design. Quality is top-notch, with the same top shell material used on the Tt eSports Ventus X and NEMESIS Switch.

Tt eSports Iris RGB Review (8)

The mouse has a total of 6 buttons including the scroll wheel – which is more than enough for most tasks.

Tt eSports Iris RGB Review (4)

The side profile clearly shows the honey comb design for the grips. While this is good, I’d rather have a mouse with a grittier texture or even a dotted design for better maintenance.


The top shell construct is made out of a 3 piece plastic. Compared to traditional designs, this should allow the mouse to feature better button action. The scroll wheel is somewhat a downgrade though. It wobbles with a noise to match.


The 6 foot long cable is not braided, but it is flexible and smooth enough for most surfaces. The Iris Optical RGB also comes with a Velcro strap to keep things tidy.

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The skates are large 2 piece proprietary Teflons – excellent gliding materials. The PMW-3325 sensor on the other hand is located at the middle of the mouse. There’s no reason to put it elsewhere unlike the NEMESIS.

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Your grip and aiming style are important things to consider when looking for a mouse. There are four basic types of grips here; the fingertip, claw, palm and hybrid grips. Fingertip grip is generally preferred when aiming with the wrist, while palm grip is the choice when aiming with the arm. Claw and hybrid grips are middle ground options for both aiming styles. Of course, you could go with a hybrid of both grip and aiming styles if they suit you best.

Mouse Grip 2018

Your hand size also influences what mouse you should buy on top of your grip and aiming style. For an instance, my hands measures at 7 inches x 3.5 inches (length x width). This puts my hands on the small to medium size category. My style is finger-tip grip, so I would generally look for a mouse with a small to medium foot print.


The Tt eSports Iris Optical RGB features a 2:1.125 ratio, with a length at roughly 4 inches and a grip area at around 2.25 inches base-to-base. The highest point of the shell is at 1.5 inches with a gradual curvature. This makes the mouse ideal for palm and claw grip gamers with small to medium hand sizes.

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For medium sized hands, the mouse is just excellent to claw grip. Both wrist and arm aiming shouldn’t be an issue with this gaming mouse.

Tt eSports Iris RGB Review (7)

Gliding performance on the other hand is also excellent with the over sized Teflon skates.


The accuracy of DPI levels are tested with the CPI measurement tool built within the MouseTester V1.5. We rigged the mouse on a camera slider to check the sensor’s accuracy at 800, 1600 and 3200 DPI.

Tt eSports Iris RGB Benchmark (3)

Excellent DPI accuracy reports we got here from the NEMESIS Switch RGB at 800 and 1600 DPI levels. A maximum of 2% difference is not bad.


The Polling Rate of the device is evaluated with the MouseTester V1.5 at the 800 DPI level. This is to check the consistency of the device’s update rate at 1000Hz.

Tt eSports Iris RGB Benchmark (2)

Polling rate is not so consistent. We’ve seen better, to be honest. Lowest recorded is at around ~500Hz, while the highest is above 4000Hz even with the mouse configured to use a 1000Hz rate. This should affect the tracking performance. A firmware update should be able to fix this.


Mouse tracking performance is evaluated with the MouseTester V1.5 with a DPI level of 800 DPI. Our aim is to check out the sensor’s performance; and to look for reporting inconsistencies. That includes inconsistencies from sensor ripple or jitter.

Tt eSports Iris RGB Benchmark (1)

Tracking performance is not the best during our tests. Flicking the Iris Optical RGB back and forth showed inconsistent counts, which is heavily influenced by the erratic polling. The counts actually deviates too much from the line so the performance is just not as smooth as expected.


The Iris Optical RGB requires the Tt eSports Command Center Pro software to get the most out of it. It is specifically designed for the latest Tt eSports gaming gears with an updated UI.

Tt eSports Iris RGB Software (1)

Macro bindings and button mappings are configured here. Lighting effects are of course, also configured within the software. Even lighting pattern control is a part of the deal.

Tt eSports Iris RGB Software (2)

Sensor performance settings are also configured on the Command Center Pro. The includes polling rate adjustment, DPI fine tuning and even button response rate adjustments.

Tt eSports Iris RGB Software (3)


The Iris Optical RGB is shaped as a solid budget oriented RGB enabled mouse from Tt eSports, offering excellent ergonomics, decent customization and a generally good shape for most hand sizes and grip types.

Sensor performance is lacking though, which is not expected at all from the tried and tested Pixart PMW-3325 sensor. It’s not a flagship, but we expected better results on the benchmarks. Clearly, Tt eSports needs to do something about this if they want the Iris Optical RGB to shine. Build quality is generally good on most parts, yet the wobbling scroll wheel is kind of a let down. Still, it wont hinder me from giving this one a seal of approval when it comes to the device’s over all build quality.

Coming in hot at $29.99, the Tt eSports Iris Optical RGB is one solid budget contender inn the lucrative world of the gaming mouse market.

TT eSports Iris Optical RGB Mouse


The Iris Optical RGB is shaped as a solid budget oriented RGB enabled mouse from Tt eSports, offering excellent ergonomics, decent customization and a generally good shape for most hand sizes and grip types.

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