Rockstar has been pretty busy zipping their mouths shut these past few weeks about GTA: V’s development, but it’s just recently that they have broke their silence with their latest trailer.

The latest trailer from Rockstar features GTA: V’s lush atmosphere, vast areas to explore, and its gameplay which if you haven’t seen yet on the video, is wonderful. Imagine fluidly transitioning from Michael, Franklin, and Trevor at any given moment inside, or outside a mission. It totally gives players a sense of freedom, and personal touch. There’s also a hint about GTA: V’s online feature at the end of the trailer which looks promising, and will be probably showcased later on.

There are still no words about GTA: V for the PC, but its has come to my attention that Rockstar is looking for a developer that they could hire for the platform. The GTA: V will be available this coming September 17th 2013.

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