SAMSUNG Electronics Philippines Corporation has teamed up with the Philippine National Police (PNP), in an effort to promote nationwide safety and convenience through technology.

“We at Samsung always aim to find ways to enhance the lives of our consumers,” says Julius Arguson, Product Engineering and Technical Compliance Head for IT & Mobile. “We envision our products and services as enablers, allowing users to do and achieve more every day. This means we must also equip them with the right technologies and features that can help users deal with different situations, especially unforeseen events that may threaten their safety and security.”

The tech giant and national police force are working together to develop Samsung 321, a mobile service application that provides a database of national institutions and facilities users can contact in case of emergencies.

Samsung 321 App PR 4

The app makes use of the Global Positioning System (GPS) to determine an individual’s location, and then directs him, driving instructions included, to the nearest fire station, police station, hospital, or motor assistance provider via Google Maps. It also provides contact information for these facilities, as well as national disaster hotlines and nearby Samsung service centers for mobile products and appliances.

Samsung 321 App PR 3

Once installed on a smartphone, the service app can be launched through the device’s dialer or emergency call button, apart from its app page. It covers over 84 locations nationwide, including Batangas, Ilocos Norte, Nueva Ecija, Pampanga, Occidental Mindoro, Albay, Palawan, and the National Capital Region.

“As innovators, we constantly seek solutions to the ever changing needs of our market,” says Julius Arguson. “For mobile, this is that solution. Apart from accessibility, we want Samsung mobile devices to be an instrument for people to feel safe and secure wherever they may be. To be able to do that, it’s important that we work hand-in-hand with institutions like the PNP, who share the same goals and objectives.”

Samsung 321 is available for download from the Google Play Store. It is also pre-installed in select Samsung smartphone models. For more information on the app, watch the demo video at

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