Silicon Line Announces Availability of Active Optical Cable Technology

Continuing to expand its support of industry standards for high-speed data transfer among a broad range consumer electronics and computing devices, Silicon Line GmbH ( has announced the availability of integrated circuits and modules needed to manufacture active optical cables supporting DisplayPort 2.0 at speeds of 10Gbps. The DisplayPort 2.0 specification was released in June 2019.

The company also announced it had joined the USB Implementers Forum (, the global consortium supporting market adoption of USB-compliant peripherals, and that it is developing products to support the soon-to-be-released USB4 specification.

Silicon Line is the global leader in developing and providing innovative optical link technology.

“Our advanced optical technology for high-speed applications enables us to respond very quickly to new specifications and to quickly bring to market products that support device manufacturers and hasten consumer adoption of their latest products,” said Ruud van der Linden, CEO, Silicon Line. “As members of VESA, the HDMI Forum and MIPI Alliance, and now the USB-IF, we are leading the global electronics industry in supporting optical link technology and the adoption of the latest standards for audio, video and data transport.”

Silicon Line develops and produces technology for active optical cables for devices enabled with DisplayPort, USB, HDMI and MIPI connectivity. Its patented technology allows thin, flexible and lightweight active optical cables to transport data up to 100 meters at very high speed without an external power source.


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