Silverstone today announces the VT101 chassis for the Mini-STX platform retailing for about 35 USD. This case follows SilverStone’s design philosophy with a full aluminum body and the curve that we all love from SilverStone’s premium offerings.

The Mini-STX form factor is a 5×5 inches platform without the PCI-E slot and with an external power source. It’s a lot smaller to the ITX form factor due to these design considerations and is a hot platform for businesses and other low power requirement geared integrated systems.

SilverStone VT101 PR (2)

As far as specification goes, the VT101¬†features a 34mm height clearance for CPU coolers, weights in at .5 kilograms and has audio ports plus USB Type C/A connectivity. No 3.5 inch bays here but you’ll get a single 2.5 inch bay for your SSD.

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