Taking the lead with new state of the art gaming accessories for 2017

SilverStone Technology, an established leader since 2003 in design and manufacture of computer enclosures, power supplies and PC accessories, prides itself in providing products that become a source of inspiration to techies, gamers and computer enthusiasts everywhere. The Taiwan-based company is well-known for their PC casings or enclosures, which are a whole new level above the typical utilitarian varieties currently in the market. Advanced technologies and aesthetic appeal are integrated with functional capabilities to create end products that are enjoyable to use. Their creative designs can also withstand long use and maintain a cool environment for the entire system.

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SilverStone’s products are suitable not only for gamers with a heavy requirement when it comes to hardware and software but for BPOs who operate 24/7 and even designers and technical professionals who are heavy PC users. The company is also one of the world’s number one producers of power supplies. The key to SilverStone’s state-of-the-art power supplies is its reliability to perform in harsh environments. Here in the Philippines, the tropical climate proves to be a challenge for today’s high tech computers and especially with the heavily fluctuating electricity, which can easily destroy not only computers but any electrical appliance we may have at home or in the office.

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As the gaming industry continues to grow, there is an increasing demand for more unique accessories and peripherals. The Product development team of Silverstone is at the forefront of technology development giving gamers and regular PC users with new and very useful accessories you have never seen before! “We are very excited to show the Filipinos our new products that will enable them to enhance their user experience to new level.” – Ryan Yu, Managing Director at Fine Upgrades Computer and Gadgets Distribution, the exclusive distributor of Silverstone in the Philippines. Here are some information about the products that will be released.

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