Streamplify, an emerging tech brand devoted to the live streaming and content creator community, is expanding its range of products by introducing the MIC PRO, CAM PRO and CAPTURE 4K PRO. These new offerings are showcased at Computex 2024.

Since its inception into the live streaming scene in 2022, Streamplify has distinguished itself by comprehending the specific requirements of novice streamers or those seeking their initial upgrades.

As a member of the esteemed Pro Gamers Group (PGG), Streamplify amalgamates the expertise of teams in Germany and Taiwan. This collaboration ensures the fusion of high-quality hardware with meticulous German design and testing standards.

Expansion of Product Portfolio

The success of Streamplify’s initial product lineups from 2022 and 2023, including webcams, microphones, various lighting options, a green screen, USB hubs, multi-use boom arms, and acoustic panels, has fueled the brand’s ambition to broaden its portfolio. The goal is to offer streamers high-value upgrades to their essential tools.

streamplify unveils sub 100 mic cam and capture 4k pro 2

At Computex 2024, Streamplify proudly presents its most advanced offerings yet: the MIC PRO, CAM PRO, and CAPTURE 4K. These second-generation iterations signify a significant advancement for the brand in terms of quality and specifications while remaining within an affordable price range.


The MIC PRO, the second generation of Streamplify’s condenser microphone, is engineered to deliver hi-res audio at the “gold standard” 192kHz/24-bit sample rate.

streamplify unveils sub 100 mic cam and capture 4k pro 3

With four different polar patterns, streamers can adapt to various recording or live scenarios, ensuring versatility for interviews, crowd interactions, instrument tracking, and live streaming.


The CAM PRO marks Streamplify’s entry into the domain of 4K webcams. Retailing for under $100, it delivers exceptional performance with the option of stunning 4K/30fps or smooth 1080p/60fps video capture.

streamplify unveils sub 100 mic cam and capture 4k pro 4

Featuring a larger sensor and enhanced resolution, it enables a 5x digital zoom capability without compromising image quality, providing flexibility for streamers to adjust their footage.


The CAPTURE 4K is a versatile streaming device offering high-resolution 4K/30 streaming capture and up to 4K@60Hz passthrough resolution. With ultra-low latency under 100ms, it ensures seamless audio-video syncing, high sampling rate audio capture, and broad compatibility across platforms like OBS, Twitch, YouTube, and major gaming consoles.

This marks Streamplify’s debut in the capture product category, offering the ability to capture or stream high-definition content for viewers on any preferred platform.

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