Synology is revolutionizing global customer service by integrating AI throughout their support process, significantly boosting both efficiency and quality.

Vincent Tsai, Director of Technical Service, stated, “Synology offers extensive technical support, covering everything from product usage questions to critical troubleshooting and complex deployment advice. The introduction of our new support AI aims to drastically reduce response times for basic inquiries, freeing our technical support engineers to focus on complex issues requiring immediate attention.”

Utilizing a Retrieval-Augmented Generation architecture, Synology’s support AI accesses anonymized technical materials and troubleshooting insights accumulated from serving millions of customers globally. Through continuous alignment and reinforcement learning processes, the AI ensures high-quality, helpful, and self-improving responses.

With Synology’s first-generation support AI, customers can expect support response times to improve by up to 20 times, leading to a significantly enhanced service experience.

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