Synology has unveiled its plans for Synology Solution Day 2023, which is set to take place on November 9 in an online live format. The event is designed to highlight Synology’s four key data management solutions: data storage, backup, video surveillance, and business productivity. Registration for this event is now open.

Michael Chang, the APAC Sales Head, emphasized the substantial growth of Synology’s business solutions over the past three years, nearly doubling in scope. He expressed the company’s enthusiasm for expanding its offerings and invited IT professionals and partners to experience firsthand why Synology’s solutions are reshaping the cost and maintenance dynamics traditionally associated with similar solutions.

Data Storage and File Management

As the digital transformation of various industries gains momentum, driven by innovations like generative AI, organizations are confronted with formidable challenges. The ever-increasing volume of data generated and stored, combined with escalating management and security demands that outstrip available IT resources, presents a significant dilemma.

Synology aims to demonstrate how its agile private and hybrid cloud data management solutions are well-suited to address these evolving needs in today’s dynamic business environments. These solutions are designed to cater to diverse organizations, from large multinational corporations to cost-effective data synchronization and ransomware protection for numerous franchises.

Data Protection

Comprehensive data protection goes beyond simple backups and is vital for ensuring business continuity. Synology will elucidate the necessity of comprehensive coverage, regular testing, and a reliable total solution to significantly reduce the recovery time in worst-case scenarios and ensure uninterrupted business operations. Importantly, building a robust backup and disaster recovery plan need not strain your IT budget.

Video Surveillance

In addition to safeguarding against cyber threats, a dependable video surveillance system is not a luxury but a necessity for modern businesses. Synology offers a comprehensive solution centered around its industry-leading video management system, Surveillance Station, and AI-enabled cameras. Whether you are responsible for overseeing a sprawling industrial complex or multiple retail outlets, Synology’s surveillance solutions offer the scalability and flexibility required to meet your specific needs.

Business Productivity

Efficiency and collaboration are at the heart of successful business operations, both internally and externally. Synology will introduce its private cloud solutions designed to streamline team collaboration, ensuring data ownership while maintaining accessibility and usability. These solutions cover various aspects of business operations, including office documents, email, and instant messaging. Additionally, Synology’s solutions are poised to incorporate generative AI capabilities, enhancing control over your organization’s data.

Event Registration

For those eager to explore Synology’s innovative approaches to enterprise data management, it’s advisable to secure your spot for Synology Solution Day 2023. The event is scheduled for November 9, 2023, from 14:00 to 16:30 (PST) and will be conducted online. Participants will receive a live link after completing their registration.

To access further insights and detailed information about the event, please visit the official event webpage.

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