Synology, a global leader in delivering comprehensive IT solutions, invites us to its Solution Exhibition, hosted at the POPOP Cultural Creative Park during Computex 2023. The event showcased Synology’s innovative enterprise data management, data protection, video surveillance, plus smart home and studio solutions.

“Synology consistently pushes the boundaries of IT solutions,” said Philip Wong, Synology founder and chairman.

On display are all of Synology’s leading solutions, including an early preview of their upcoming generative AI integration for MailPlus and Office. These are examples of Synology’s commitment to empowering users with workflow and productivity enhancing tools.

Enterprise storage and data management

Shown are Synology’s storage solutions, designed for petabyte-scale storage and high availability. They come with comprehensive data integrity and protection capabilities.

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Business productivity solutions

Previewed are new generative AI capabilities in Synology MailPlus and Synology Office. These are integral part of Synology’s suite of data management tools for streamlining business and organization-wide workflows.

Data protection solutions

Synology’s on-premises, cloud backup and recovery solutions were also shown at the suite. They are tailored to specific organizational needs and could facilitate rapid recovery from catastrophic IT events.

Smart video surveillance

We saw Synology’s comprehensive surveillance solution, combining AI-powered IP cameras and Surveillance Station for intelligent monitoring and simplified multi-site management.

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Solutions for smart homes and creative teams

Explored are the versatile Synology solutions for enhanced collaboration, organization and connectivity. Synology Drive, Synology Photos and an exclusive preview of their backup hub were presented.

Synology extends their warm welcome to all channel partners, organizations and industry associations at their Synology Solution Exhibition.

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