TEAMGROUP Participates in WirForce 2017, the Largest Gaming Event in Asia

After participating in last year’s “WirForce”, which is Asia’s largest Lan Party hosted by the famous Taiwan media “4Gamers”, this year again TEAMGROUP  will join “WirForce 2017”, the largest gaming event ever in Asia during November 23rd -November 26th, 2017. All BYOC players and people will join together and have fun at the event site. During the event, TEAMGROUP ’s booth (C2) will prepare fun challenges and lots of prizes for everyone to go home loaded with prizes.

The T-FORCE gaming series has blown gamers around the world and the modding market away ever since its release. To allow more Taiwanese gamers to have firsthand high-speed experience of the T-FORCE series, TEAMGROUP also provide full support to “WirForce”, which is Asia’s largest Lan Party held in Taiwan.

This year, the seats for WirForce BYOC are increased to over 1,000 seats, and at the same time, the main theme of the event “Bring Games To Live” also fulfills the close connection of the new era of “Players vs. Games”. To echo the main theme, TEAMGROUP will not only offer challenges at the stand, but will also setup a performance experience area for gaming memory. Famous twitch streamers will be invited to join the event and the high-speed gaming performance of T-FORCE will be applied into more entertainment areas in the new era.

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