TeamGroup is continuously dedicated to satisfying the needs of our consumers in every respect, and today announced the playful and colorful WD02 “Brick Charger”. “Brick Charger” is a multi-port USB power charger that allows consumers to freely build their own brick creation.

The power charger has 5 charging ports and supports fast charging for 5 devices simultaneously. The body is designed with the concept of various changing colors and creative brick structures. It allows users to build a unique personal power charger that is both creatively fun and practical.

Everyone owns a smart device in this mobile technology era, therefore uninterrupted power becomes the key requirement to work efficiency. Team Group’s “Brick Charger” is capable of charging five devices simultaneously. In addition, the built-in Smart IC chip provides maximum charging efficiency and work efficiency for consumer’s cellphones or tablets, and it is also compatible with different versions of iOS or Android systems.

TeamGroup Brick Charger WD02 PR 2

Let your creativity run free by assembling bricks and building a playful charger of your own is the ingenuity of WD02 “Brick Charger”. The bright and colorful body has red, blue and yellow three different colors. It is compatible with Lego bricks, so consumers can have lots of fun in the digital lives and unlock the infinite creativity by building their own Lego creation on WD02 and creating a personal desktop power charger with unique playful style. WD02:

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