TEAMGROUP has launched the DELTA RGB DDR5 Desktop Memory with an updated clock rate of up to 7200 MHz to go along with Intel’s recently released 13th generation CPUs and the new generation of 700 series motherboards from various motherboard manufacturers. Gamers around the world can reach new heights of DDR5 performance and experience the thrill of gaming with blazing fast clock speeds.

With T-FORCE LAB’s stellar R&D capabilities and the use of carefully selected high-quality ICs, TEAMGROUP has taken the lead in introducing high-speed DDR5 16 GB dual-channel memory kits with clock rates of 6800 MHz, 7000 MHz, and 7200 MHz for its DELTA RGB DDR5 DESKTOP MEMORY.

It uses a special thermal module that combines cooling silicone and an aluminum alloy heatsink, allowing it to dissipate heat extremely effectively while overlocked and performing under high loads. Furthermore, it is certified by motherboard manufacturers ASRock, ASUS, Biostar, GIGABYTE, and MSI to be compatible with their respective lighting software. The desktop memory not only provides outstanding stability and performance but also the ability to freely customize RGB effects, allowing gamers to create truly unique and striking PC builds.

TEAMGROUP’s gaming sub-brand T-FORCE continues to experiment and create new possibilities in storage solutions. Dedicated to providing top-notch and diverse DDR5 gaming memory products, TEAMGROUP will work together with global consumers to build a world of high-speed DDR5 and lead the revolutionary changes that come with it as newer and greater platforms push the industry forward.

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