Thermaltake is proud to announce the launch of the MS-1 M.2 2280 SSD Cooler. The MS-1 Cooler features an active high-speed micro fan, direct-contact heat pipe, and a high-quality aluminum heatsink, keeping the Gen5 SSD cool effectively.

The active high-speed micro fan can reach 8000 RPM fan speed, an airflow of 0.44 CFM, and an air pressure of 1.6 mm-H2O while maintaining a noise level of 16 dB-A, providing exceptional cooling capability. The MS-1 M.2 2280 SSD Cooler includes one Ø6 mm high-efficiency copper heat pipe that directly contacts the SSD, which improves the heat transfer significantly.

thermaltake launches ms 1 m 2 2280 ssd cooler 2

Additionally, the eight-fin heatsink is made of full aluminum to facilitate even and rapid heat dissipation, maximizing cooling efficiency.

To offer optimal installation flexibility, the MS-1 M.2 2280 SSD Cooler features a compact size with dimensions of 74 x 23 x 17.9mm. It won’t interfere with the installation of CPU coolers and GPU, providing broad compatibility to build your ideal PC setup.

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