Elevate Your Game with the Level 20 RGB and Level 20 GT BattleStations

Thermaltake, celebrates their 20th anniversary by announcing a new category addition to the Thermaltake Gaming lineup at CES 2019- the Level 20 RGB & Level 20 GT BattleStation Gaming Desks, located at the Venetian Hotel Veronese 2402 Suite from January 8th (Tue) to 11th (Fri).

Designed with the needs of gamers in mind, the Level 20 RGB & Level 20 GT BattleStation Gaming Desks are built using the highest quality of materials, constructed with a thick and durable steel frame for enhanced stability, finished off with a special anti-scratch resistant coating for added durability, and style finished for that all-important sleek gaming aesthetic.

Thermaltake-Level-20-RGB-Level-20-GT-PR (1)

The Level 20 RGB BattleStation gaming desk is automatic height adjustable, fully compatible with the TT RGB PLUS ecosystem and features: 16.8 million RGB color illumination with 8 dynamic lightings effects and up to 20 customizable lighting zones for added personalization, 4 memory profile controller for easy saving and recall of height settings, large space design for maximum full tower chassis support, included full surface gaming desk mouse pad, and easy cable management system to keep your desktop looking neat and clean.

The Level 20 GT BattleStation Gaming Desk features a manual adjustable design, and includes a large space design, full surface mouse pad, and cable management system. Enhance and elevate your game experience with the Level 20 RGB & Level 20 GT BattleStation Gaming Desk.

Further information from Thermaltake at CES 2019 is available on our dedicated CES 2019 website: http://ces2019.thermaltake.com/


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