Modern phones let you do what you want. You can read books, chat with friends, play Australian online pokies for real money, or arrange a Zoom conference even with the cheapest device. But any gadget will need to be charged once. Want to make this process faster? Use these 11 tips.

Turning Off the Smartphone

It’s the most effective method to significantly increase the charging speed of your Android and iOS devices. The network characteristics do not change, as well as the parameters at the input to the battery, but the phone simply does not consume the energy it has just received. The big disadvantage of the method is that we remain cut off from the world. Without a second phone with forwarding set up and logged into your account, it’s easy to miss notifications and calls.

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Activating Flight Mode

In terms of efficiency, the method is almost as effective as the previous one, since the main energy consumption is spent on maintaining the activity of wireless networks. In Flight Mode, mobile communication and Wi-Fi are deactivated. The method has its advantages because you cannot use all features of your device. But you can use Bluetooth (starting with Android 10) and do not need to turn off the device completely.

Avoiding Playing Games and Watching Videos

These are also energy-consuming activities. When you’re hanging out in some fancy game with cool graphics, the battery percentage can melt away before your eyes, even if the gadget is connected to power. So forget about games or movies if you want to charge your phone faster.

Buying a Charger With a Quick Charge FeatureĀ 

This method is the most useful because it allows you to stay connected and get a fully charged gadget in less time. An important nuance is that the phone must support Quick Charge, and the device must have the necessary characteristics of Watts and Amperes (indicated in the instructions for the smartphone and on the packaging of the charger). All iPhones newer than the 8-version support this feature.

Choosing the Right Cable

The cord must support fast charging. Otherwise, you will not benefit from the power supply with Quick Charge. Moreover, some devices will not fit universal cables. The same OnePlus Warp Charge technology normally works only with OnePlus Warp and VOOC Realme, Oppo wires. Owners of Huawei devices with SuperCharge will also need an original cable.

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Using a Corded Charger

Wireless charging technology, although more convenient, is still significantly inferior to its wired counterparts. The only exception is a smartphone that supports fast wireless charging of 30-50 watts, but this is not found in all gadgets. In most cases, using a corded charger is better.

Using Sockets

You can charge your device from your computer, your car’s onboard network, a wireless adapter, etc. But the fastest option will always be to use a power adapter plugged into a socket. We can expect only 2.5 watts and 4.5 watts from the regular USB 2.0 and USB 3.0, and 10 watts from the power adapter.

Giving up Unnecessary Things

The power-saving mode, as well as manually turning off unused functions and apps will help to increase the charging speed. In this mode, the phone reduces the power consumption for background processes, wireless networks. It is advisable to turn off Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, NFC, or most of these functions while charging.

Using Original Chargers

It would be perfect to charge your smartphone through the cable provided by the manufacturer and coming with the device. If you lost the original, it is better to reorder the same one than buy the first one you find.

You’ve probably noticed that your smartphone recharges faster with quality cables than with non-original ones. You can measure the charging speed with the Ampere app.

Turning Off Optimal Charging Mode

It can be called differently: optimal, optimized, intelligent, or smart charging. The essence of them all is the same – adjusting the W/A ratio to such values that will wear out the battery less. The fact that the battery rises to a certain level of charge higher than to another value is the result of the function. If you need to temporarily speed up charging, it is better to disable this option. It is located in the “Settings” menu in the “Battery” category.

Avoiding Low and High Temperatures

Temperature extremes are harmful to the battery. Overheating or overcooling shortens the battery life. If your phone overheats while charging, it will automatically charge more slowly to reduce the heat generated. This is especially true for phones that support fast charging. You can improve the situation by removing the case and changing the location of your smartphone to a cooler location.

If you follow the tips in this guide, you can charge your iOS or Android smartphone faster than usual. But a lot depends on other factors, in particular, whether you will be using it while charging.

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