In 2023, ZTE Corporation reported operating revenue of RMB 124.25 billion. Highlights include a 41.5% gross profit margin, a 15.4% increase in net profit to RMB 9.33 billion, and R&D investment of RMB 25.29 billion, driving innovation. Despite challenges, ZTE maintained steady operations, focusing on R&D, risk prevention, and digital transformation.

Domestically, ZTE generated 69.6% of revenue, while internationally it earned 30.4%. Its business segments—operator network, government and enterprise, and consumer—achieved revenues of RMB 82.76 billion, RMB 13.58 billion, and RMB 27.91 billion respectively.

ZTE sustained its leadership in 5G technology, ranking second globally in base station and core network shipments. It expanded into computing, investing in AI technology and launching products like servers and storage.

In terminals, ZTE introduced innovative products such as the nubia Pad 3D II and nubia Z60 Ultra, leading in gaming smartphones and achieving global dominance in 5G FWA&MBB.

Looking ahead, ZTE is committed to digital transformation, prioritizing sustainability and collaboration to shape an efficient, green, and intelligent future.

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