When we start talking about digital products, many people start thinking about some kind of complex technologies that require profound knowledge in certain areas of activity. However, everything is much simpler, such products can be completely different things that can be placed in the digital world and you can earn money on such things even when you sleep.

The beauty of selling such products is that you do not need to think about a team of specialists, logistics, promotion, and much more, since such products are not stored anywhere, anyone can create them, and also start advertising them using available platforms and promotion methods.

In this article, we’ll share options for easy-to-sell digital products that you can start creating today and make money from, no matter where you are or what you do.

Options for sale

Digital products are different. You can create some once, and then make a profit from them and not worry about anything else. Others require a little more effort and attention from you. You can modify them, update them, or think about the future of digital product design to keep your product relevant and trendy. The third category of products requires your constant attention. They will require constant updating to be of value to users, for example, if we talk about those that will work on a paid subscription basis.

Online courses

Enhancing your video content with a robust video editing tool can significantly improve the quality and engagement of your courses. Using a video editor online allows for seamless editing and customization of video materials. Any courses are now in demand because people understand that without leaving home, they can improve their skills, learn a new profession or upgrade qualifications.

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Having created such a product, you can place it on one of the public platforms where they are hosted, or create your website and promote it.


An even easier option than the first one is to record a webinar on a specific topic. You just need to choose an interesting topic, write a script, shoot it on camera and publish it.

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If you are a business owner, then tell users about how to start their company or what technologies can make it easier to run a business. As a video editor, do a webinar on how to use different video editing software.


The possibilities for creating templates are endless. You can create templates for cards, posters, presentations, videos, company emblems, business cards, flyers, and more.

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They are used by ordinary users, marketers, executives, business owners, bloggers, and many others. You can have a minimum of design skills, rich imagination, and an endless supply of ideas.

Depending on what products you create, you will be able to sell them on Creative Market, Zazzle, MyFonts, MasterBundles, and more.

Beats and music

If creating music is a lifelong pursuit for you, but becoming a famous singer is difficult, then you can just sell it. You can create beats and if they are perfect, then there is a chance that you will be noticed by celebrities.

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In addition, you can simply create music for commercial use. For example, video editors are constantly looking for music that can be used in various videos. Also, various bloggers, podcast authors, TV and radio companies are looking for such products.


Your love for taking photos can make you money if you sell your images on paid photo stocks. A huge number of authors, bloggers, and various companies come to such sites for help in finding unique images or illustrations that can be used in their activities.

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They can be different from commercial to travel photos. You can post your work on already existing specialized platforms, where there will be many authors like you, or if you have your website, you can start selling there.


The variability of digital products is huge. These are not necessarily complex products or technologies. You can be the one to start selling your photos, templates, music, and more. At the same time, your income will increase even when you sleep.

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