G.Skill gave us a glimpse of their future products at COMPUTEX 2017. That includes high speed DDR4 memory kits, new gaming mouse models and mechanical gaming keyboards. All within a single booth behind a liquid nitrogen filled facade. 

G.SKill Computex 2017 Coverage 5

First off the list are the G.Skill Ripjaws KM560 MX gaming keyboards. They are a family of Ten Key Less mechanical keyboards, available in 2 main colors with RGB lighting as an option. This is certainly a design far from the usual edgy keyboards from G.Skill.

G.SKill Computex 2017 Coverage 4

The KM560 MX aside from their main colors, has different variations. That includes a model with side printed keys and an RGB version as well. These mechanical gaming keyboards also features Cherry MX switches under the hood and are equipped with a 32-bit ARM processor.

G.SKill Computex 2017 Coverage 3

We also saw the KM570 as well. These are readily available and are also equipped with Cherry MX keys with RGB to boot. Think of it as the full layout version of the KM560.

G.SKill Computex 2017 Coverage 2

G.Skill also showed off new gaming mouse models dubbed as the MX 570 and the MX530. These ones are interesting and are ergonomically better than the MX780 that we reviewed months ago. That said, I’m glad that G.Skill is listening to the community when it comes to gaming devices. The MX570 comes with a 7200 DPI sensor, while the more affordable MX530 comes with a 3500 DPI one. Both are led illuminated, but pricing varies with the MX530 going for a more budget approach. Actual sensor models and manufacturers are yet to be announced.

G.SKill Computex 2017 Coverage 1

Of course, it wont be wont be a G.Skill showcase without their memory kits. They’ve got an area dedicated to it, with systems featuring validated world record attempts as well. Those are stable, on the spot overclocked systems we are talking about. Stability showcases at the finest.

G.SKill Computex 2017 Coverage 6

Learn more about G.Skill on their official website. Follow us for more COMPUTEX 2017 stuff as well.

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