ADATA Technology, a leading manufacturer of high-performance DRAM modules, NAND Flash products, and mobile accessories today announces that it will be in Las Vegas during this year’s CES to showcase its exciting new products for gamers, overclockers, PC enthusiasts, and general users.

Under the theme of “Innovating the Future,” ADATA will be presenting its latest hardware including solid-state drives (SSD), memory modules, and gaming accessories. ADATA will be showcasing its products from January 9-12, 2019, including:

XPG GAMMIX S11 Pro & SX8200 Pro SSDs

Implementing advanced 3D NAND Flash, XPG GAMMIX S11 Pro M.2 2280 SSDs features higher storage capacities up to 2TB, while also providing higher efficiency, rugged reliability, and high Total Bytes Written (TBW).

Employing the extra-fast PCIe Gen3x4 interface and featuring NVMe 1.3 support, intelligent SLC Caching, and a DRAM cache buffer, the SSDs accelerate read/write speeds up to 3500/30000MB/s, outpacing SATA SSDs by a wide margin, and deliver random performance of up to 390K/380K IOPS.

ADATA SE800 External SSD

Equipped with the latest Type-C Gen 2 interface, the ADATA SE800 brings a new level of speed to Type-C external solid-state drives.


The SE800 sports read/write speeds of up to 1000MB/s, making it up to two times faster than competing external Type-C SSDs on the market. The SSD supports an array of devices, including Android, Mac OS, and Windows devices.


The XPG SPECTRIX D80 DDR4 memory module will make an appearance in Las Vegas. ADATA achieved a record-breaking speed with the module by overclocking it to 4933MHz, a new record for a mass-produced memory module, with a MSI Z390I motherboard in an air-cooled configuration.

The SPECTRIX D80 is the world’s first RGB DDR4 memory with a hybrid cooling system and features an aluminum heatsink, thermally conductive materials on the PCB, and liquid heatsink.


ADATA will also be putting two new XPG SPECTRIX RGB products on display, including a new DDR4 memory module and an M.2 SSD. The new SPECTRIX memory module features a proprietary RGB lighting design that encompasses a more significant portion of the module’s surface area and extends to both of its sides, offering a more visually stunning addition to any build.


Also, an XPG gaming SSD will be on display. The new SSD implements the PCIe Gen3x4 interface and offers read/write speeds of up to 3500/3000MB/s. What’s more, the SSD has LEDs directly built into the module, which does away with the need for additional wiring to power the lighting.

XPG EMIX H30 SE Gaming Headset

Having situational awareness is key to winning on the battlefield. Without it, your adversaries will gain the upper hand and ambush you when you least expect it.


The EMIX H30 SE helps tip the scales in favor of the user with virtual 7.1 surround sound, which allows them to hear their friends and foes alike, whether in front of or behind them, so they’re never caught off guard. Four equalizer modes – Gaming, Movie, Voice, Music – offer situationally optimized sound for different usage scenarios.

New XPG Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

During CES 2019, ADATA will be showing off a new mechanical gaming keyboard for serious gamers. The keyboard features Cherry MX Green switches that offer a medium stiff, clicky keypress experience for those that value excellent tactile feedback. What’s more, the keyboard is designed to last with a 50-million keystroke lifespan. Also, it sports 18 lighting modes, which can be changed with one click, to offer a diverse array of effects to match different game and music types. When combined with the XPG M20 gaming mouse, which also features lighting effects, gamers will enjoy an enhanced environment for great gaming.

ADATA HC770 External HDD

Last but not least, ADATA will also be showcasing its new HC770 external HDD, which brings together functionality and flair. It sports built-in 16.8 million color RGB lighting to provide a striking way to preserve memories and data.

Please contact your local ADATA representative to schedule a visit to ADATA’s product.

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