AMD unveiled a series of announcements showcasing its AI Platform strategy. This includes details of the new AMD Instinct MI300X accelerator, for generative AI.

The MI300X is based on the next-gen AMD CDNA 3 accelerator architecture and supports up to 192 GB of HBM3 memory to provide the compute and memory efficiency needed for large language model training and inference for generative AI workloads.

With the large memory of AMD Instinct MI300X, customers can now fit large language models such as Falcon-40, a 40B parameter model on a single, MI300X accelerator.

AMD Instinct Platform

AMD also introduced the AMD Instinct Platform, which brings together eight MI300X accelerators into an industry-standard design for the ultimate solution for AI inference and training.

The MI300X is sampling to key customers starting in Q3. AMD also announced that the Instinct MI300A, the world’s first APU Accelerator for HPC and AI workloads, is now sampling to customers.

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