AMD’s drivers are usually a mixed bag of feeling. Sometimes they work great, and sometimes… they just don’t for no apparent reason. Kidding aside, all AMD wanted us to have are stable drivers, so their team has been working round the clock to provide us better and better drivers every release date. Hence, the birth of the AMD Catalyst OMEGA driver.


Now AMD is trying to close the gap between them and Nvidia when it comes to driver performance, as said by the guys at PCGamers, since it might be actually the biggest step AMD has gone so far driver wise. For an instance, AMD added a downsampling feature in the form of the Virtual Super Resolution or VSR. It works like the one implemented by Nvidia, but you guys should know that AMD had downsampling enabled in the past. Albeit it should be manually enabled.

AMD Catalyst OMEGA News (2)

Another thing worth nothing about this new OMEGA driver, are the improvements in frame rates compared to the last driver. AMD said that the improvements are going to be as much as 10-20% for the R9 295X2, 290X, 290, and 285 GFX cards. Also, FreeSync is already supported via this driver update, a proper indication that the AMD FreeSync supporting displays are coming in early this 2015. 5K displays are also supported, I must add.

AMD Catalyst OMEGA News (6)

According to AMD, stuttering has been fixed, and this new driver doesn’t only support desktop GPUs, as they are also recommended  to be installed on AMD APU and Mobility Radeon enabled notebooks.

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