ASRock at their COMPUTEX 2023 booth showcased their massive array of motherboard offerings. Highlights were the new Intel Z790 motherboards and the Taichi series AMD B650E motherboard at the event.

Phantom Gaming Z790 Nova Wi-Fi 7

The Z790 Nova Wi-Fi 7 is a part of ASRock’s Z790 refresh for the upcoming Intel 14th generation processors. This motherboard comes with a beefy cooling solution for both its VRM and M.2 slots. It also comes with a 5 GbE LAN and Wi-Fi 7 for connectivity. Truly next-gen updates for the current generation chipset.

ASRock Z790 B650E Refresh COMPUTEX 2023 1

If memory serves me right, the Z790 Nova also comes with a tool-free M.2 slot design. Meaning you could remove the bundled heat-spreader and plug in an NVMe device of your choice with your bare hands – at least for the main slot.

Phantom Gaming Z790 Riptide Wi-Fi 7

Continuing the refresh for the Intel Z790 motherboards is a the Z790 Riptide Wi-Fi 7. This is stacked below the Nova but make no mistake, this is still a capable motherboard – just with less metal and a lighter power solution and perhaps lesser I/O as well.

ASRock Z790 B650E Refresh COMPUTEX 2023 3

Phantom Gaming Z790 Lightning Wi-Fi

Going a notch lower into the Phantom Gaming line-up, we have the Z790 Lightning. This one is a more basic motherboard with no fancy shroud but with Killer NICs for both the LAN and WAN.

ASRock Z790 B650E Refresh COMPUTEX 2023 4

B65oE Taichi Elite

Finally, we now get to see the B650E Taichi Elite. This is the first Taichi motherboard for the AMD platform and it did not disappoint. Specifications wise, it comes with a 24+2+1 phase power design which is even higher compared to the Z790 Nova. What I also like about it is its support for the Intel Thunderbolt 4 interface along with the inclusion of an ESS Sabre 9218 DAC. ASRock knows who to impress with such features.

ASRock Z790 B650E Refresh COMPUTEX 2023 5

No words about pricing nor availability yet so stay tuned to ASRock’s social media channels for more details.

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