Local Pricing and Availability Included 

As ASUS celebrates their 10th anniversary in the Philippines, the company announced the availability of their latest mobile devices from the Zen, Vivo and ASUS Pro line up. That totals at 10 main product models.

Zen and Vivo AIO:

Zen AIO ProZ240IEGK-GA038T23.8” UHD IPSi7-7700T16G DDR4 (8G*2)SATA 1TB 5400RPM 2.5′ HDD +
SATA3 128G M.2 SSD
Vivo AIOV221ICUK-BA041T21.5” FHD 178° viewing anglei3-7100U4G DDR4SATA 1TB 5400RPM 2.5′ HDDNV GT73034,995
Vivo AIOV221IDUK-BA080T21.5” FHD 178° viewing angleJ42054G DDR3SATA 500G 5400RPM 2.5′ HDDShared25,995

The Zen AIO and Vivo AIO are ASUS’ latest All-In-One desktop systems. Specifications ranges from the Core i7-7700T touting Zen AIO Pro, down to the Vivo AIO with the Pentium J4205 processor.

Zen, Vivo and ASUS PRO Notebooks:

UX490UA-BE010T (Royal Blue)14″ FHD IPSi7-750016G1TB SSDSharedP104,995.00ON STOCK
UX490UA-BE012T (Royal Blue)14″ FHD IPSi7-750016G512SSDSharedP89,995.00ON STOCK
UX490UA-BE023T (Quartz Grey)14″ FHD IPSi7-750016G512SSDSharedP89,995.00ON STOCK
UX490UA-BE038T (Blue)14″ FHD IPSi7-750016G256SSDSharedP81,995.00Jul 20
UX490UA-BE042T (Grey)14″ FHD IPSi7-750016G256SSDSharedP81,995.00Jul 20
UX370UA-C4074T13.3″ FHD IPSi7-750016G512SSDSharedP84,995.00Aug 01
N580VD-DM327T15″ FHDi7-7700HQ16GB512GB SSDGTX1050P74,995.00Jul 20
UX530UX-FY005T (Grey)15″ FHDi7-750016G512SSDGTX950MP69,995.00ON STOCK
UX530UX-FY016T (Grey)15″ FHDi5-72008G512SSDGTX950MP59,995.00ON STOCK
S510UQ-BQ165T FP15″ FHDi7-75008G1TB+128SSDNV940MXP54,995.00Jul 20
S510UQ-BQ265T FP15″ FHDI5-72008G256SSDNV940MXP44,995.00Jul 20
X405UQ-BM191T14″ FHDi7-75008G1TBNV940MXP49,995.00ON STOCK
X405UQ-BM192T14″ FHDi5-72004G1TBNV940MXP39,995.00ON STOCK

Notebook Zen and Vivo series prices ranges from 3900 to 105000 Pesos. Some are already on stock while others will be available later this month and until August.

ASUSPRO – B9440UA-GV0289R14″ FHDi7-760016G512 SSDUMASHAREDP89,995.00ON STOCK