Following the announcement of their Wi-Fi 7 gaming routers, ASUS is also unveiling three new ExpertWiFi devices: the EBM68 mesh system, EBR63 router and EBA63 access point, with more networking solutions to follow in the second half of 2023.

These devices support the highest number of SSIDs in the industry, self-defined networks, up to 12 mesh nodes, and enterprise-grade network security. Each device can be easily managed using the free ASUS Router mobile app.

For locations impacted by thick walls made of brick or concrete, ASUS is also offering the ZenWifi Hybrid XC5, the world’s first MoCA mesh router, which provides four ways to connect to hybrid backhauls while supporting up to 2.5 Gb connections through wired backhauls.

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The ExpertWiFi series features a minimalistic and professional aesthetic, with a pristine white exterior designed to blend into a business environment. These devices can be mounted on a wall or ceiling, or be left freestanding, according to the user’s preferences. Using the self-defined network feature, each of the Ethernet ports on these ExpertWiFi devices can be assigned to a VLAN for different business scenarios. Business owners can also choose from different types of guest portals, such as those that may be used for social logins and public WiFi. All of these ExpertWiFi devices support custom logos, branding and visual templates to fit particular business styles and to engage with customers in different ways.

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As a bonus, this ExpertWiFi series can provide backup WAN access when internet services are not being provided on premises or when they are inaccessible. In this scenario, the business operator can connect one of these ExpertWiFi devices to their Android phone or iPhone with a USB cable to use that phone as a mobile hotspot for the entire local network.

Last but not least, this series also offers enterprise-grade network security in the form of a free subscription to ASUS AiProtection Pro and Safe Browsing features, with easy WiFi network setup and management through the all-in-one ASUS Router mobile app.

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