The Best Payment Methods for Services in 2020

One of the best technologies ever to be created involves payment gateways. Before then, the world was grappling with the physical transfer of money, which was somewhat cumbersome. There was no quick payment option, such as online purchases, like it is the case today.

Thanks to this invention, businesses can now execute payments and receive money in less than no time. As a result, the financial sector continues to grow, with seamless transactions across the globe happening daily.

2020 happens to be a year with so many varieties of payment methods, and it is crucial to identify the best gateway that suits your preferences. Remember that it should also be a legal operator in your country.

Below is a list of some of the best payment methods for small businesses that you will find in 2020:


This platform is undoubtedly one of the top gateways used in businesses today. Due to its extensive capabilities and simple interface, more than 50,000 merchants have resorted to its use. One of the greatest advantages is that it operates globally, and you can transact through mobile and online channels.

You do not have to worry about your local currency because 2CheckOut converts your payment into any currency of your wish. Besides, the site bears several languages from which you can choose any. It is common for merchants to worry about their security. This platform guarantees you maximum safety from online threats through its Level 1 Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

Paypal Payments Pro

This is a new product from Paypal, where e-commerce businesses can execute transactions without necessarily having a Paypal account. Paypal is already an established company offering global services, but Paypal Payments Pro is a backup idea that will go along in streamlining businesses. You definitely realise that these features are worthwhile, compelling you to entrust your money with the platform.

Paypal Payment Pro is a new invention that features API infrastructure. This means that you can link it to a shopping cart, directly on your store. It is also a secure method that can also be used in online casinos to fund your betting accounts. Besides, it supports Paypal Credit payment as well as credit cards due to its end-to-end technology.

If you have a phone-based credit card, this is your best choice because you can generate invoices right away and pay users instantly. This is a safe payment method that draws upon encryption technology. It accepts about 26 leading currencies, and it is usable across more than 200 markets globally.


Most traders have developed a high affinity for mobile payments because of its simplicity and convenience. Vapulus developers had this group in mind by building payment software that could simplify mobile transactions. For this reason, owners of local stores, as well as e-commerce businesses, can make payments without any challenges.

Basically, Vapulus integrates POS system, mobile app and website into an interface that is simple to use. This implies that traders can sell goods and offer services across the world and get paid through a single platform.

This payment method supports over 135 currencies of the world, meaning that a trader can trace a client and pay them in their local currency and receive money in the original currency as well. Fortunately, you are free to try Vapulus freely as you learn how it operates. Besides, there are no charges if you are a vendor selling goods.

Amazon Payments

Clients have attested to safe and streamlined payments through Amazon. Shoppers, as well as merchants, enjoy seamless online business. If you want to use the service, you simply have to create an Amazon account so that you complete check-ins and checkouts.

The system identifies you once you log in. Again, it is more convenient because you can execute the whole process through mobile. There are fixed charges for every transaction you make; therefore, you do not have to worry about the possibility of higher fees when your amount of money increases. Amazon’s A-to-Z Guarantee is a security feature that safeguards all your transactions.

Unlike other platforms, Amazon has a unique payment package that allows you to promote, sell and manage your products. Through this process, traders can access reliable customers and vendors that are highly reputable.


This payment method does not discriminate any form of business. Irrespective of the size of your venture, you can count on Braintree for efficient transfers. In fact, you can increase your revenue through split business opportunities.

Braintree is a subsidiary of PayPal, which is a global powerhouse. All the safety features are guaranteed, courtesy of the loyal partnership of these two entities. So you can confidently transfer your money with the assurance that you are free from fraudsters.


This is an integrated channel created to support software platforms such as POS. It offers a touch of flexibility for software that is needed in payment transactions that require software to run businesses. For instance, you can personalise your online business platform and promote your business model. In addition, you can develop a pricing structure using WePay.

Users need to create Chase merchant accounts to get paid without any challenges. The method extensively supports several payment schemes like credit and debit cards with the flexibility for clients to select daily, weekly or monthly payouts.


If your business is about cross-sales and conversions, this is the perfect system for you. SecurionPay is the most recommendable and reliable payment platform that is simple and fast. You will also find it very flexible because it allows you to tailor the system to suit your specific needs.

Because of its straightforward nature, users easily satisfy their customers through improved sales and seamless flow of payment.


With the quick transformations in technology, the business world is also transitioning to conform to the digital age. 2020 is a year that bears several creations in terms of payment methods. A few of these platforms have been in existence for quite some time, but they continue to update their features, owing to the stiff competition in the sector. Some operators have introduced new methods that are more efficient than old ones. As a business person, you are spoilt for choice on what you should select. However, you should choose the best method that will help you enhance your business.

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