BIOSTAR introduces a turnkey solution for mining at home with iMiner. The series comes as a single unit black box machine that supports ethOS and is fully equipped with BIOSTAR TB250-BTC series motherboard, CPU, GPU, memory, and power supply. It allows ultra-mining flexibility as it supports GPU mineable cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Monero, Bitcoin Gold and Zcash.

All iMiner systems are based on the Intel 3930 CPU and Intel B250 chipset for maximum mining power. BIOSTAR iMiner A578X8D with ETH hashrate of 220 MH/s (±5%) uses the popular BIOSTAR TB250-BTC D+ with 8 x AMD RX570 8G graphics card and a high performance 1600W single rail 12v power supply (optional) with dual-ball bearing fans to offer ultra durable operation 24/7.

Biostar iMiner Turnkey PR 4

The BIOSTAR iMiner A564X12P with ETH hashrate of 148 MH/s (±5%) uses the BIOSTAR TB250-BTC PRO with 12 x AMD RX560 4G graphics cards on a 1300W power supply. BIOSTAR iMiner A578X6  with ETH hashrate of 165 MH/s (±5%) also uses the BIOSTAR TB250-BTC PRO with a modest 6 x AMD RX570 8G (which can be expanded for up to 12 GPUs) with a 1300W power supply.

All BIOSTAR iMiner models come with unique software:

BIOS Working/Error/None States – Detect GPU state on POST screen, so miners can fix it before entering the OS. The BIOS detects PCI-E slot state according to their positions: Working, Error, and None. Working means that the GPU is operating at normal state.  Error means that the data is incomplete. None means that no signal for GPU.

Biostar iMiner Turnkey PR 2

MINING DOCTOR – BIOSTAR’s exclusive application to check the current state of each GPU such as usage, core, clock speed, memory clock speed, fan speed, and temperature. In addition, if iMiner has an error state, it immediately sends an email notification making it easy to monitor and manage scaled mining farm remotely.

Biostar iMiner Turnkey PR 3

The series uses the best mining hardware and offers an easy-to-use solution for both for professional miners and home miners. There are three different models to choose that fits your budget. The BIOSTAR iMiner A578X6 is a great start with hashrate of 165MH/s (±5%) and allows for additional GPU expansion. Next would be BIOSTAR iMiner A564X12P with hashrate of 148 MH/s (±5%). For the ultimate performance, go with BIOSTAR iMiner A578X8D with hashrate of 220 MH/s (±5%). In addition, software provided will make this an enjoyable and easy mining experience.


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