We cannot deny that there are a lot of PC lovers out there and everyone of them wants the best for their own rigs. One of the things that those enthusiasts consider is the temperature of their rigs everytime they are using it, especially during a hardcore gaming marathon. The temperature of our rigs is important as it is a big factor when it comes to the performance and the life span of your PC.

So recently, we were able to get our hands on BitFenix Spectre Pro LED 120mm fan. Spectre Pro LED fan are the successor of the Spectre LED sporting an all new design and a whole lot better performance. This baby is suitable not only for those who take the temperature of their rigs seriously, but also for those who want some bling bling for their rigs! Want swag? Check out this Spectre Pro LED review!


Materials PC & PBT
Operating Voltage 12VDC
Starting Voltage 5VDC
Bearing Type Fluid Dynamic Bearings (FDB)
Dimensions (mm) 120x120x25mm
Current (A) 0.18A±10%
Speed (RPM) 1200 RPM ±10%
Air Flow (CFM) 56.22 CFM ±10%
Air Pressure (mmH2O) 1.24 mmH2O
Noise (dB-A) 18.9 dB(A)


The BitFenix Spectre Pro LED comes in a greyish box that sports a sophisticated design. As simple as it looks, the packaging gives a premium feel and will really make you want to buy it by just holding it. The front side of the box feature a clear panel that shows the actual fan.

BitFenix Spectre PRO LED (1)

Just like any other packaging, the back side of the box shows the features and specifications of the fan while a white sticker with barcodes shows the color of the LED that the fan comes in.

BitFenix Spectre PRO LED (2)

Of course, the Spectre Pro LED won’t come alone on its own. The fan came with standard screw fans, rubber mounting pegs that will help in eliminating vibrations, rubber washers that will further minimize the vibration and a 3-pin o molex adapter. It also comes with an extension cable that will allow the LED fan to be toggled on and off with a compatible BitFenix case.

BitFenix Spectre PRO LED (3)

Closer Look

Upon removing from the box, there is no doubt that the BitFenix Spectre Pro LED features a dual frame construction that offers bellicose looks and performance wise, should also offer vibration dampering properties. The logo of the BitFenix is shown in the middle.

BitFenix Spectre PRO LED (6)

The middle part of the back-end features the model number and the logo of BitFenix on the upper side. Nothing much here.

BitFenix Spectre PRO LED (7)

Powered by a 3-pin fan header, the Spectre Pro LED comes with a flat black cable that will look good dazzling around your rig. But, maybe it’ll be better if it comes with a braided one!

BitFenix Spectre PRO LED (5)

The lighting of the Spectre Pro LED is just right, easy to the eyes, and won’t blind you or distract you in any sort. It’s pretty cool, I must say.

BitFenix Spectre PRO LED (10)

This baby looks cool, and might actually cool down your PC without any unwanted noises. Will it work silently and cool the PC effectively? Lets find out!

BitFenix Spectre PRO LED (9)

Test System

I tested the temperature of the south bridge (PCH), the storage device(SSD), the CPU, motherboard(onboard temperature monitor) and the graphics card of my rig with the help of AIDA64’s Stress Test. I tested it all in both idle and load state. I let the system idle for 15 minutes and recorded the max temperatures. During the load state, I tested it out with AIDA64’s Stress Test for 15 minutes then recorded the max temperature result.

BitFenix Spectre PRO LED (8)

Processor Intel Core i5-4440
Motherboard GIGABYTE B85M-D3H
Memory Kingston HyperX Fury 2x4Gb
Videocard GIGABYTE GTX 760 Wind Force
HDD/SSD Seagate 1TB @ 7200rpm + Kingston HyperX 120Gb
Power Supply Corsair VS450
LCD Monitor ASUS VX239H
OS Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1 (Updated)


I compared the temperature of the south bridge, storage drive, graphics card, motherboard and CPU with use of the Spectre Pro and just with the stock fans from my case. It seems that the temperature of the graphics card and motherboard are notably better with the Spectre Pro LED as it both went down by 2 degrees. Small change, but we all know that even such a change can produce a big difference in the long run!

BitFenix Spectre PRO LED Performance (2)

At the load state, the storage drive’s temperature went down by 3 degrees. That’s a pretty big difference compared to the graphics card and the motherboard. The CPU’s temperature cooled down by 2 degrees, which is already good. I’d say that Spectre Pro LED gave some pleasant results as it cooled down the system even just by a bit.

BitFenix Spectre PRO LED Performance (1)

Using the fans from BitFenix, I’d say that the Spectre Pro LEDs performed well and they actually fits in my rig very well. The fans are really working silently as I am not experiencing any unwanted noise coming from them for both load and idle. With the Spectre Pro LED following the Spectre LED fans of the yesteryear, it surely did raised the bars when it comes to performance and design. The Spectre Pro LED is just another awesome product from BitFenix and let’s just hope that it just keep on getting higher and higher. The build quality is great and the design is great too. When it comes to pricing, the Spectre Pro LED 120mm is priced at around P620 each which is already delightful for my preference. Best part is, you may find it right now in a few well known retailers around the Philippines.

BitFenix Spectre Pro


When it comes to pricing, the Spectre Pro LED 120mm is priced at around P620 each which is already delightful for my preference. Best part is, you may find it right now in a few well known retailers around the Philippines.

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