In ears, not to be mistaken for In-Ear Monitors, are becoming more in-demand for the last few years. The advent of handheld mobile devices surely made a huge impact to these small sonic devices. After all, you could just simply plug ’em in, without worrying about the bulk especially if you’re on the go.

Budget is always a concern, so there’s always an In-Ear (IE) for starters. That said, Capella Philippines had one model exactly for those who wants to experience the benefits of the IEs without breaking the wallet, in the form of the SP11 Solid Bass In-Ears.


  • Solid bass: Our 10mm drivers will give you that extra boost to your bass for a better listening experience
  • Noise Isolation: Our noise isolation technology means you’ll only hear what you need to hear. Your music
  • Dynamic Frequency: Experience a dynamic range of sound. You’ll hear it just as how it was recorded.
  • Gel Earbuds: Listen to your whole playlist without the discomfort.
  • Cloth cords: No more tangles, no more breakage, just pure music

Capella SP11 Solid Bass IEM (9)

Frequency 20~20 khz
Driver Size 10 mm
Impedance 32 ohms
Sensitivity 111 dB
Cable Length 1.25m
Plug 3.5mm Gold Plated


The SP11 comes in a clear plastic packaging that shows the premium look of the said earphones. The front side of the packaging shows the Capella logo accompanied by the words “SOLID BASS” with a really huge font size.

Capella SP11 Solid Bass IEM (1)

The backside of the packaging shows the basic features and specification of the SP11 and an infograph about its build. There’s nothing really much around here.

Capella SP11 Solid Bass IEM (2)

Of course, an IE earphone packaging won’t be complete without its different sizes of earbuds. It comes in small, medium, and large. These sizes will determine your experience with the SP11 depending on the size your ear needs. So, I’m recommending that you better take choosing the size of the earbuds quite seriously.

Capella SP11 Solid Bass IEM (3)


The SP11 comes with flecks of different colors around the earphones (in my case, I got the black one). The left and right indicator of the earphone are easily spotted as well. This is a good thing for the ladies and gentletechs out there who take their earphone’s position seriously.

Capella SP11 Solid Bass IEM (6)

The SP11 earbuds are gel-like, which makes it comfortable to use. I’m wearing the earphone for an hour straight or more and I didn’t experience any inconvenience.

Capella SP11 Solid Bass IEM (5)

The earphone build is good with its metal housing that gives this feeling that it won’t break or be opened easily, unlike those that are made of plastic. You may change your earbuds with ease as well.

Capella SP11 Solid Bass IEM (7)

The braiding of the cable gives it a cotton-like texture that makes it prone to dirt. After using it for a few days, I noticed that there are some tinge of dirt around the cable. Give it a few more days or weeks and you’ll have a completely bedraggled cable. Maybe you can just buy a pair of those spring-like cable protector that most people use to protect the cables from dirt. The ones that they wrap around the cables.

Capella SP11 Solid Bass IEM (4)


This review won’t be complete without tackling the performance of the SP11.Performance wise, the SP11 is the good shit to buy if you have a semi-low budget for a new earphone. The noise isolation is just right that it gives you the isolation you need to hear what you need to hear… music and enough to be aware of what’s happening around you. I tested the SP11 with a few songs to determine its low, mids and highs.

LOWS: I used the SP11 to listen to Falling in Reverse’s “Guillotine IV (The Final Chapter)” and it gave me the lows that I need to hear. The SP11 delivered the lows of the music so good that I found myself headbanging early in the morning while riding the LRT. Yep… I quite got some attention that time. lol. Moving on, the performance of the SP11 for the lows is so good that I could hear the awesome bass lines in the songs from the Falling in Reverse’s latest album that most earphones can’t give me. Thumbs up to SP11 for this!

MIDS: The SP11 delivered the mids from the song “God, If You Are Above” by Falling in Reverse so clean that I can hear every guitar riff and every beat of the drums and cymbals clearly. The separation of instruments with this earphone is just perfect. I also used this earphone to listen to some of Earth Wind and Fire’s songs and as expected, it delivers the music neatly.

HIGHS: I listened to Taylor Swift’s “1989” album and One OK Rock’s “35xxxv” album to test its high notes deliverance. It should be innate to earphones to give clean high notes since committing a small mistake in engineering the note deliverance in an earphone, especially highs, will make the earphone irritating to the ear. However, Capella did a great job with the SP11 as it gives the high notes a really good pitch.

All in all, I really love using the SP11 since I can use it in the office while listening to music and still hear whenever someone is calling me. The distant sound that the SP11 delivers gives a natural feel while listening to music. This is a really good thing because it gives me that assurance that it won’t hurt my eardrums even though I use this earphone for quite a long time. The music is just clean. Like super clean. I am recommending this to those who loves listening to every instrument in their music.

Capella SP11 Solid Bass IEM (8)

With the things that I mentioned above, it is natural to think that this earphone is quite pricey. Well, nope. The SP11 is available in Capella’s website for 990 Pesos and at Lazada for 890 Pesos. Get yours now and excuse me while I listen to some music with this baby.

  • 7/10
    PERFORMANCE - 7/10
  • 7/10
    BUILD QUALITY - 7/10
  • 7/10
    FEATURES - 7/10
  • 7/10
    AESTHETICS - 7/10
  • 8/10
    VALUE - 8/10


With the things that I mentioned above, it is natural to think that this earphone is quite pricey. Well, nope. The SP11 is available in Capella’s website for 990 Pesos and at Lazada for 890 Pesos.

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