High performance PCs are undoubtedly getting smaller every year, but heat is a constant problem to deal with. Luckily, Corsair had just revealed their Hydro Series H5 SF AIO low profile cooler to change how SFF high performance PCs dissipate the heat with a industrial style to match.

The H5 SF is not a small cooler, especially if you’re considering the fact that it is still an AIO watercooling unit. It is the slimmest AIO though at 84mm that could be mounted directly at the top of the CPU area. XIGMATEK’s AIO Cooler did the same a while back, but the application is totally different. Speaking, the H5 SF could be mounted via application of a bracket on standard motherboard mounting holes. This wont be a problem as long as your ITX board conforms to the standards of the form factor. The actuall size of the radiator is 120mm x 40mm.

Corsair Hydro H5 SF ITX Cooler News (2)

The H5 comes with a high-pressure and low-noise 120mm PWM blower fan installed which could be seen below. It is expected to feature an 80 USD SRP. Availability especially at the APAC market is still unknown at the moment.

Corsair Hydro H5 SF ITX Cooler News (1)

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