COUGAR Gaming at COMPUTEX 2017 showcased a full house of gaming gear. From cases, keyboards, power supplies to what not – the company is fully engaged to sate the wandering gamer’s appetite.

COUGAR Computex 2017 Coverage 6

Starting off with the cases, COUGAR impressed us with the Conqueror open air chassis. It is a full tower case with an angled motherboard tray complete with tempered glass to make your day. The Cougar Panzer is another tempered glass case though it is what we could call a proper enclosure.

COUGAR Computex 2017 Coverage 2

Of course, it wouldn’t be COUGAR without their power supply units. They’ve got the STX series showcased on the booth, together with  the GX series and LX series. The GX is their 80 Plus Gold, while the LX is 80 Plus Bronze certified PSU.

COUGAR Computex 2017 Coverage 7

COUGAR also had new gaming keyboards together with their older Attack and K series. The one pictured below is not as edgy as their other keyboards and that’s a good thing. More design choices are always better.

COUGAR Computex 2017 Coverage 4

Another interesting keyboard is the Vantar low profile gaming keyboard. It features scissor switches, typically found on notebooks. I kept looking around but I can’t see any low profile mechanical keyboards but this will do depending on the asking price.

COUGAR Computex 2017 Coverage 8

The gaming company also had their Minos series mouse, the Revenger RGB mouse and new ones that I am not yet familiar with. Cougar said that they are trying to cover the gaming mouse spectrum with more design choices for the gamers.

COUGAR Computex 2017 Coverage 5

Audio is also one of Cougar’s priority this year and first impressions are spot on refreshing. The Cougar Phonix for example is a proper looking headset with a single band design wrapped in leather. The paddings are interchangeable, with a matching removable mic so you can use these outside gaming too. Pretty cool looking headset I must say. I don’t have my DAP during my stay at Taiwan so I can’t say anything about its audio performance.

COUGAR Computex 2017 Coverage 3

COUGAR is looking sharp at COMPUTEX 2017 with a complete gear line-up aimed for the gamers. Follow us for more COMPUTEX 2017 news.

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