FSP, an experienced power supply manufacturer, announces the HYPER power supply. Redesigned to maximize connector flexibility and overall efficiency, this active PFC power supply also features quiet and durable cooling. The HYPER also achieves greater than 85% efficiency in its 500W, 600W, and 700W capacities.

FSP Hyper Series PSU 2015 PR (1)

Good Efficiency for the Price

All three FSP HYPER PSUs are measured at more than 85% efficiency. Moreover, the 500W and 600W models received 80 Plus 230V EU Bronze certificates. 230V certification is harder to achieve, reflecting FSP’s dedication to efficiency.

Quiet and Durable Cooling

The 120mm fan of the HYPER PSU adjusts dynamically with system load. At 20% system load, its noise measures at less than 18 decibels; at maximum system load, it’s still less than 25 decibels, nearly silent for most.

Multiple Cables For Any Build

The HYPER series routes an optimized selection of cables from its single 12 volt rail design. The 550mm 24 pin and 600mm 4+4 pin cables supply power to the motherboard and CPU. Four 500mm long PCIe 6+2 pins (two on the 500W) power GPU cards. Two 500mm long SATA cables have been specifically designed with 50mm gaps between each of their four sockets to comfortably fit as many as eight drives. For fun, there is a 500mm long Molex/floppy cable for anyone who still has a use for one.

Modular Cable Option

The HYPER has many pre-sleeved cables, but some may prefer to remove unneeded connectors for extra space or airflow purposes. The HYPER M series of PSUs includes a modular cable arrangement – an excellent choice for more advanced builders.

Prioritizing PC Protection

All cables are sleeved to prevent wear, ensuring the PC is protected from fraying. The HYPER is designed with OCP, OVP, and SCP protections. For most systems 500w, 600w, and 700w are optimal capacities, making the HYPER series PSU an ideal choice. Designed for the mainstream market, the HYPER series pairs high performance and long life at an affordable price.

Price and Availability

  • The HYPER Series PSU is now available in local store.
  • For more product information: https://www.fsplifestyle.com/series.php?LID=1&SID=456
  • Where to buy: https://www.fsplifestyle.com/wheretobuy.php?LID=1

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