Keylogger for Android is the best app to keep an eye on someone others device with the help of your device. This app is very useful to get all the information about your child, your spouse, your employees.

The app record all the information like media, call history, text messages, MMS, chats of social media and more. Monitoring others is the best way to know about others. Our app will be very helpful to you. It can capture even the passwords of all the apps. You may also know the phone password, the passwords of all accounts and more.

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This app works in the background process. It will work undetectable from owners. There are a lot of applications available in the market which work the same as snoopza. But we will suggest you Snoopza because it is not as expensive as others also it has many best features in it which makes it the very first choice for all of us.

Using snoopza makes you undetectable from the owner of the device. And allows you to use it as long as you want in your device. The owner of the device does not even think that someone is looking at his/her information.

Best Tips To Hack A Phone With Snooza

There are very simple steps you should proceed in order to hack someone device. This app is not hard to use. You have to simply install the application correctly according to your device. There are only three simple steps. You have to sign up and install the app. And then login to check all the details of another person.

It always runs in a hidden process. The most common benefit of this app is that it doesn’t use the target mobile’s data. Also, it is not searched by the user of the target mobile even he tries to search it in his/her mobile.

The Reasons To Select Keylogger For Android

There are many reasons to select a spy app or android keylogger. People often use this app for the right intention. This app is very useful to keep a watch on children, employees, spouse and anyone else you want.

To Spy A Teenage Son Or Daughter.

The teenager is an age where the probability of a child to fall into a bad company is very high. So parents always remain worried about them and are in a dilemma of how to keep a watch on their wards. because now children spend their maximum time on smartphones using the internet and playing games. But we advise you to use this app to keep a watch on your child without their consent.

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To Monitor Your Spouse

If you are thinking that your loved one is going to cheat you. You can use free keylogger for android to spy on him/her. So that you will be able to know about everything before anything happen. This app provides you with a chance to add extra security to your life. This will help you in a case if you think your spouse tells a lie to you and he/she is not giving importance to you anymore. In all such cases, this app will become an opportunity for you.

 Monitor Employees

You can monitor all your employees in your office through a single app. It is very important for the owner and the boss to keep an eye on the employees to increase the work and production from your firm. Also, there is one most important reason to have a track on all devices is that whether your employee is not sharing your personal and confidential information with some other. All such issues can be solved free by this app.

Why Choose Snoopza For Android Keylogger

There are many reasons to select only this app.

  • Its performance is even better than other apps. It is more reliable to use and provide you with information regularly.
  • It offers you full support by care.
  • Low Price. This app works very well in a low price package also.

How To Install Snoopza On The Phone

  • Open Your Target Android Device

You have to open the setting in the target device. Then choose security in general. And enable unknown installation.

  • Install Play Protect From Playstore

You should install play protect in target device to avoid questioning about the app.

  • Open Your Internet Browser

You have to open the and register on it by using your email and click on the download button.

  • If you are not able to find add device on the screen, click on the + sign and you will get it there.
  • Tap on setup.apk to start the installation.
  • Next, Install, Open.
  • Don’t open it from chrome downloads. Find it in the file manager.
  • Tap on the OK button. You can now hide this application also.
  • Accept legal terms and proceed according to guidelines provided in the app.

Features Of Snoopza Keylogger

  • Call Recording

It will provide you with the target mobile all calls with their recordings.

  • Front Camera Captures

It will automatically take a photo of your children or employee when he opens his phone and does something new.

  • One Account Many Devices

You can control many devices only from one application. You can see all the activities through your devices too.

  • Remain Invisible

The best feature of this app lets you become invincible from the target user. The person is not even to know anything about you and applications.

Pros And Cons

Every app has many advantages and disadvantages. We will give you its main pros and cons of this app.


  • It is easy to install the app as the steps provided to you. You can set up and monitor it easily.
  • Runs undetectable by the user.
  • Very affordable price.
  • It can be used both in homes and organisation to control other activities.
  • It also offers to track social media such as Facebook and WhatsApp.


  • It does not work well on the iPhone.


It is less expensive than all other apps of the same type. It will assure all your safety and privacy. And it is very helpful if you use in your office or home. It is one of the best android keyloggers to control your children’s.

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