Pearl Abyss announced today that the new Solaris class is now available in Black Desert Mobile. This destructive new class brings with her a whole host of powerful new skills for Adventurers to enjoy, as well as various rewards to celebrate her arrival.

Awakening from the turmoil of forgotten memories, Solaris, the Keeper of the Holy Flame, keeps the gods at bay with the mighty Jordun, a massive blade possessing the power of the Ynix, the holy flame capable of consuming the very gods themselves.

Solaris’ sub-weapon is also born of this flame and armed with both she can use 12 powerful skills to immolate nearby foes and unleash powerful attacks to incapacitate all who stand before her.

To celebrate the Solaris update, a Solaris Level Up Event will take place until February 14. Adventurers who play the new class will earn helpful rewards such as a Primal Relic Selection Chest and 1000 Black Pearls depending on the level they reach with Solaris.

Watch the trailer here and visit Black Desert Mobile’s official website for more information.

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