Pearl Abyss showcased a “Developer Commentary Video” on Black Desert’s official YouTube channel, which vividly presented the development status of upcoming updates and performance improvements.

A fresh pack of information about the highly anticipated expansion “Land of the Morning Light: Seoul” was also a pleasant surprise for the Adventurers.  

Land of the Morning Light: Seoul 

Following the first footage revealed during the last Calpheon Ball, the developers gave a sneak peek into the Land of the Morning Light: Seoul. While this expansion is inspired by the same historical era as the first part of the region, Adventurers can embark on a new journey set in medieval Seoul, the capital city of Korea.

black desert dev video teases land morning light seoul 1

In addition to the previously disclosed locations such as Gyeongbokgung Palace and Gyeonghoeru Pavilion, the developers revealed new screenshots of culturally iconic real-life locations for Adventurers to explore, including Uigeumbu, Flower Sunken Swamp, and Castle Ruins. The screenshots showcased in the video highlight the massive scale of the new region.

Land of the Morning Light: Seoul will incorporate eight exciting new storylines. One of these storylines unfolds in the Flower Sunken Swamp, a vast open landscape filled with flowers and shrouded in mysterious fog. It will be the main stage where the “Tale of Sister Janghwa and Hongryeon” unfolds.

The boss blitz content, “Black Shrine,” in the new region offers a cooperative boss raid challenge where Adventurers can tackle the boss with other guild members. Moreover, with freshly composed background music inspired by “Jeongak,” a traditional Korean music genre associated with the nobility, Adventurers will enjoy a deeply immersive experience.

Committing to the Roadmap and More 

Black Desert developers shared updates on their development progress, including specific dates for each planned improvement and update, initially announced at the beginning of the year.  

As the team has been committed to improving quality-of-life in various areas, Black Desert will integrate characters’ Life Skill levels, meaning that Adventurers will no longer need to progress Life Skill levels separately for each character. The update will be applied shortly on April 24.

The team also surprised the audience with their ambitious plan to renew “200% Black Spirit’s Rage Skill.” The skills of classes subject to this change will receive a visually appealing update with more action-packed motion. 

In addition, the video shared the team’s development status regarding item simplification, with a current focus on Black Stone integration. This integration significantly enhances the gameplay experience, particularly for new and returning Adventurers. Meanwhile, for those veterans, the long-awaited high-end accessory “Deboreka’s Ring” will soon be available. 

As part of Black Desert’s 10-year celebration in Korea, the team is fully committing themselves into improving the existing gameplay while introducing fresh new content for global Adventurers to enjoy, such as the Land of the Morning Light: Seoul.  

For more details on upcoming updates, refer to the Developer Commentary Video

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