SkyBlade Mobile has opened its pre-reservation for Android and iOS. Reaching the pre-registration milestone unlocks exclusive rewards. Fans of classic PC game SkyBlade can pre-register through the game’s official website (

SkyBlade is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG published by ICC Game and developed by Magics Co., a Korean company. The game is set in the Pachun universe and on the planet Hanro. The game features a marriage, family clans, massive battles utilizing a siege warfare system, and a foster care system that penalizes rude players.

Moreover, it is based on the popular Korean manga Pachun Il Gum. The game is set in an oriental-fantasy universe and enables players to explore the Jijon Universe – a cosmos comprised of planets ruled by vicious animal rulers inspired by ancient oriental myths. The characters take on the role of martial arts warriors, all vying for the ultimate goal – to become the Jijon King, the supreme and most powerful ruler of all worlds.

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SkyBlade returns in a mobile version

SkyBlade is a mobile MMORPG based on martial arts comics with the same title. The hilarious plots, twists and turns, thrilling plots, seven distinctive characters, and each character’s fantastic martial arts settings in the original work are all perfectly embodied in the game. In addition, there is more special game content such as bridal chamber flower candles and god tomb exploration. The extensive and profound Chinese culture runs through the game, and the classic Chinese Zodiac and other Asian-specific cultures are closely integrated with the game content. The game also features unrestricted free play, real PVP battles, a guild system, multiple dungeons, and free trading with zero thresholds.

Flashy in-game combat

There are seven (7) classes that players can choose from, including Il Geom (melee attack), Su A (archer), Ji Ro (assassin), Thumb (mage/healer), Nam Gung (tank/high defense), Un Jeong (melee/dual hammer), and Il Sin (skill burst/crowd control).

In-game combat is highly brief and flashy, with an emphasis on character development. It was quite a sight to see the World Championship players fight as they chose various attack methods against monsters and other players. Unfortunately, they had a long time developing tournament characters before the match, and most players stated that it was not enough, reflecting the system’s difficulty.

The game publisher, ICC Game, is also committed to providing regular free game patches comparable to conventional expansion packs. This includes new land, levels, and abilities for players to explore and master. Additionally, daily minor updates and bug fixes are made.

To check out more information and the release date of SkyBlade, you can visit the official SkyBlade Facebook page (

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