If you’re wondering how your current graphics card will fare compared to that of a current generation console, then you’re in for a treat, as redditors from the #PCMasterRace sub-reddit posted a hierarchy chart comparing numerous GFX cards to a console’s performance.

PCMasterRace by Saejin Oh

The redditors achieved this feat by calculating the total GFLOPS of the graphics cards and then divides it to that of the console’s GFLOPS. So, if your Radeon GTX 900X has 1000 GFLOPS and the Xbox Station 4 has 500 GFLOPS, then your card should be theoretically twice as fast compared to the console. Now let us see the charts since that’s what you’re after anyway. Take it lightly fellas.



I know it is not accurate, since we still have to take multiple factors into account such as the processing unit of the consoles. But, this should give everyone an idea on how fast the current graphics cards are, and how much are you actually willing to spend for the extra eye candy. If you’re looking for an Xbox One comparison instead of the PS4, check out PeeledApples’ OC here: LINK


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