Gamers have always existed in a plane where playing opens up a whole new world of freedom. In the virtual world, you can be any character and create legends and be limited only by your imagination. This way of gameplay has opened up a niche called sandbox games and many game companies are developing new and innovative ways to create worlds of your own. Still, there is no forgetting where it started and that is with Minecraft. 

Gameplay-driven experience

Minecraft is famous for its blocky, low-resolution style visuals that resembles Lego bricks with extremely exaggerated pixel sizes. They now offer a ton of extras like the Minecraft color-changing potion bottle. Also, the gameplay of Minecraft revolves around a simple concept: creation and destruction.

Combining different elements in the game, players can create simple blocks into creative, complex and sweeping cities limited only by the player’s imagination. Education institutions have realized the benefits of Minecraft for learning and have made it as a teaching tool or courseware due to its free nature of allowing creative thinking and development.

How Gamers are Creating Unique Worlds with Ray Tracing PR 3

Maxkim0314, an influential game host and Minecraft enthusiast has teamed-up with COLORFUL iGame to lead a community build in Minecraft featuring a Christmas Town theme. Utilizing the iGame GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER Ultra graphics card, they made a highly-detailed, sprawling town with lots of details to awe and inspire.

Minecraft allows infinite possibilities when creating works in the game but your platform of choice or system has to keep up with the graphical requirements of laboriously-intense, mega projects such as the ones above. Minecraft started life as a light, resource friendly game utilizing low-resolution to its advantage but this year, the creator of Minecraft, Mojang, together with NVIDIA has launched raytracing support for the game. Raytracing gives the game a graphical overhaul and while it still retains the same low-resolution graphical style, raytracing makes lights and shadows behave as they should and look realistic.

Simulating realistic graphics with Ray tracing

Raytracing is a popular buzzword in today’s gaming world but there are still folks out there who may need a primer or two. Simulating shadows have presented a steep barrier in realizing realistic graphics in virtual worlds. That barrier has been overcome via raytracing but producing realtime raytrace graphics has proven difficult until recently.

How Gamers are Creating Unique Worlds with Ray Tracing PR 2

Realistic shadows and lightings provides a unique gaming experience and provides certain opportunities outside of eyecandy to really improve gameplay such as reflection through metal surfaces that gamers can utilize to their advantage or sheer blinding light from your flashlight disabling the opponents viewport, obstruction a clear line-of-sight, just as how realistic, HID lights should behave. As cliché as it sounds, sniper scope glares from afar will cue you in to sniper locations just like they do in the movies. Minecraft is now in the league of games feature RTX real-time raytracing to present a vividly lit world unlike anything before. 

COLORFUL Technology

As a core AIC partner of NVIDIA, a leading graphics and gaming expert, COLORFUL has established its enthusiast gaming brand iGame to meet the needs of its audience, aesthetically and performance-wise. With over 20 years of experience working with the gaming market, COLORFUL is well experienced in the market and understands gamers’ needs. 

As the most cost-effective model in the RTX SUPER lineup, the Geforce RTX 2060 SUPER is regarded as the sweet-spot for raytracing cards. It allows entry to raytracing content and graphics while still offering remarkable performance for the price. iGame improves upon the GPU by utilizing its years of experience, giving their cards excellent cooling via their in-house technology such as the Vacuum Ice Piece of the Advanced series or the iGame Status Monitor of the Vulcan family of graphics cards. Gamers are ensured that years of experience  in both design and development is infused onto every COLORFUL graphics card and is easily the first choice for “GeForce RTX” hardware. Enjoy the latest and greatest without worrying about heat or performance.

For players seeking for higher cost-performance ratio, iGame also knows the new SUPER products of the Ultra family series which represent low prices in your hearts. iGame GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER Ultra, the first released product, looks simply but has great playability. The “Multi-Mode RGB” light effect linkage LOGO located on the top of the graphic card can realize the switching of various playable light modes with the help of iGame Zone II special software, as if the internal rough power is about to gush out overwhelmingly. This card is still equipped with the PCB technology used on the iGame high-end series of graphic cards: iGame Pure Power, Silver Plating Technology. Silver Plating Technology is adopted for the contact between each component and the PCB circuit level to ensure the rapid and lasting response at every touch point. It also enhances the stability of the players’ graphic card use and overclocking process, further strengthening the heat dissipation to reduce power loss, realizing environmental protection technology, safety and durability. 

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