ID-Cooling, a well known yet new comer to the  PC enthusiast segment, had just revealed a very promising 2-in-1 cooler that is able to cool both your CPU and graphics card in a CLC loop.

The Hunter Duet, a 240mm radiator based CLC loop, works by using a dual pump configuration, circulating the flow of liquid coolant inside the loop for both the CPU & GPU. Pump appears to feature a long lasting ceramic bearing, and both are set to run at 2500 RPM at full speed.

ID Cooling Hunter Duel PR (4)

Mounted the the radiator are ID Cooling’s very own SF-12025 high static pressure fans that has a variable speed from 800 – 2000 RPM via PWM control with an 84.5 CFM of airflow at its maximum speed.

ID Cooling Hunter Duel PR (2)

The HUNTER DUET is equipped with a 240 mm radiator mounted with a pair of SF-12025 high static pressure fans. Fan speed is PWM controlled from 800 to 2000RPM, pushing max. airflow of 84.5CFM each. On four corners are mounted with rubber dampeners to absorb operating vibration.

ID Cooling Hunter Duel PR (3)

The CPU pump of the Hunter Duel supports all of the latest platforms, while the pump for the GPU has a mounting kit supporting screw holes with 58.4mm x 58.4mm, 53.3mm x 53.3mm, & 51mm x 61mm sizes. The HUNTER DUET is expected to feature a $139.99 SRP upon launch.

Source: TechPowerUp

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