Developing a game is not an easy task. From interface design to backend codes and programs, everything needs to function seamlessly without any debug. The mobile gaming industry recently has witnessed a dramatic $77.2 billion revenues in 2020 while the worth of the video game market in the US alone is about $65.49 billion.

Several factors have played well in favor of the global gaming industry. However, no factor is as yielding as Instagram marketing which helped the gaming companies and developers to promote and publicize games, competitions and events in the best way.

With millions of users using Instagram for business growth and collaborating with marketing services like SimplyGram organic growth service, gaming developers and companies are not far behind. As of January 2021, about 30% of Instagram users (men and women) are in the age group of 18 to 24 years and about 32% of users (men and women) are in the age group of 25-34 years. ( Thus, Instagram allows gaming developers a perfect platform to reach their target audience. If you are in search of information for growing your fan base, read this guide.

Let us now learn about the ways in which Instagram is changing the gaming industry and providing more opportunities for gaming companies.

Live Instagram campaigns

One of the best ways in which a developer can use Instagram for promoting their games is by arranging the live campaigns. Like every other social media, Instagram offers the chance to organize different types of campaigns like competitions, new game launch, posting recent updates, and so on. Live campaigns certainly help in better user engagement and reach.

Taking help from gaming influencers

Just like any other business, the gaming companies also rope in active gamers/influencers on Instagram for promotions. The influencers will post about your game on their reels, live feeds, stories, and posts. Since they have more followers, you would be able to target a specific group of audience to bring effective traffic to your gaming website.

Give shout-outs to positive reviews

To get maximum eyeballs, make sure to let the target audience know about the past users enjoying your gaming app. Unless and until you tell them the number of existing users appreciating your game, you won’t be able to build the trust necessary for promotion and more traffic build-up. That’s the reason you need to use shoutouts and mention those users in your post as a token of gratitude for loving your game and for publicity.

Establish transparency in gaming marketing strategy

Always maintain transparency in the marketing strategy you are devising for your recently developed game or an updated one. Unless you stay transparent, it would be hard to establish trust and credibility for the game’s promotion. Hence, if there is a major bug in the application or if the server has crush due to a huge load, immediately let your Instagram followers know but with a positive attitude.

Use the Insta story feature for better promotions

Lastly, you can use Instagram stories for telling more about the games to your target audience. You can use proper hashtags on the stories, arrange polls for understanding what features your audience likes the most, or even encourage the followers to try out your game by posting a video made from fast-paced snaps from the game.


Since now you know how effective Instagram can be for marketing your game, why don’t you make the best use of it. However, it can only be done if the strategy developed is flawless and transparent. Plan well and act on it to see results!

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