Choosing which internet provider can be a tricky task for the modern person because of how many options there are. Not only that, but there are a lot of things you need to consider. Many of these relate to personal use, but what about broadband service for a business? While it may seem like there are extra steps, much of it is actually very similar.

Your internet is vital to the success of your business, and as you can see by the title, slow internet can kill your business. If you are having a hard time deciding on which broadband service to choose, check out these helpful tips so you can make an informed decision.


Probably one of the most pressing needs for anyone is how fast the service is. Internet speed is determined by bits per second (bps) as well as download vs. upload speeds. When it comes to most internet use, the prefix is going to appear as Mbps, because the speed is in the 1000’s of bits per second range. Although there are services that are considered slow (Kbps) and ultra-fast (Gbps). The slower end of commercial internet speed is 25Mbps and higher end is around 100Mbps, with some upwards of 1000Mbps. You want to look for speeds that have a good download to upload speed ratio for your business so you are not stuck lagging when it comes to file uploading, email usage, and any HD online content streaming.


Another big consideration that you need to figure out is the availability. Knowing what range the service providers can be important for your business for obvious reasons. However, there are some specific needs for businesses who are on the go, overseas, or travelling. The most common problem that every business encounters when out of country is availability, range, or signal strength. The good broadband service will allow your business to stay connected wherever you go. Many countries are starting to incorporate much more advanced WiFi and cellular networks to handle the growing globalization of business in the digital age. The availability of your connection should also extend to your mobile phone use as well. One big thing is knowing when you are able to connect to WiFi service, and when you are out of any internet range in rural areas and have to rely on 3G, 4G, or LTE, which can be expensive.


The cost of internet service has actually improved significantly considering how effective and efficient it is. While rates have increased, they have also become much more diverse in their offerings. There is always a service out there that can provide a great cost to value ratio, with improved coverage, speed, and benefits. It is not uncommon to find bundled coverage for multiple device use too. So for those businesses that rely on computer, mobile, tablet, or other devices simultaneously, there is a plan that can help give you good, reliable broadband use even for the most extensive work. So once again, the cost of internet service inevitably goes up with the speed and service you get, but for your business needs, there is a benefit to going bigger with your service capabilities.

Cloud Storage

One unique feature that you as a business owner should be looking for when it comes to your internet service that not many people look for is the opportunity for cloud storage. With the digital business world constantly requiring downloads, uploads and immense storage for files and software, you might get overwhelmed having to upgrade physical storage with external HDD or SSD.

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Cloud storage offers you virtual storage with varying sizes, often well over 500gb. This means that your broadband service is going to need to keep up. This relates to the speed of your service because of upload speeds, so it is best to know how many Mbps you get for storage purposes.


Internet broadband security is crucial for a business. Compromised connections that do not have robust security features can put your hard work and information into the wrong hands, so this is one such requirement that is non-negotiable. Internet providers can often package, firewall or antivirus software for business. Similarly, password protection is a must and should be extended to cover all users in your business.

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Finding the right broadband service should focus on how fast the connection is, but there are other considerations for your business needs. Security, cost, range/availability of the connection, and device usage are all features or considerations that can greatly improve your businesses potential and must be accounted for when choosing internet providers.

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