Attack On Titan Fans, rejoice! If you have been waiting for a PC release of the much anticipated game based on the successful anime and manga franchise, then you are in luck. AoT is coming to the PC and Steam. The news came directly from KOEI TECMO America, stating that the game will be released outside Japan by August 30th 2016.

The game has been around since February of this year, but it’s still region locked at Japan and is currently exclusive for the Sony PlayStation 4. Attack On Titan’s game play is similar to Dynasty Warriors, and other hack and slash games – only that it features the 3D Maneuver Gear and a cell shading art style that resembles the anime very well. Forbes already reviewed the game, and they are pretty impressed with it so far.

Attack-on-Titan-PC-Steam (3)

Attack On Titan is slated to launch on the PC, together with a release for the Xbox One, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 internationally at the same date. No other information has been divulged except for the platform and release date – so don’t go praising GabeN yet for an enhanced PC version. Rest assured gamers should receive an update from KOEI TECMO about the Attack On Titan’s system requirements After all, August is just a few months ahead.

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